Leila Ertolahti

Leila Ertolahti, Lecturer, has an MSc in Quaternary Geology from Simon Fraser University and an Hons. BSc in Geophysics from University of Western Ontario. She has studied in both Canada and Finland. She also has a Certificate in University Teaching and Learning from SFU.

Before moving to Vancouver, Leila spent four and a half years working as a field manager and aerial exploration geophysicist. She has traveled and worked in over 30 countries studying resources, natural hazards, paleoclimate, and anthropogenic delta subsidence, among others.

As a teacher she focuses her classroom around evidence based learning, critical thinking, ethics and social inclusiveness. Along with teaching Leila currently works in industry in Vancouver where she has the opportunity to collaborate with teams from the City of Vancouver to revise deconstruction and demolition policy to help Vancouver achieve it's Green Mandate.

Leila is an experienced dancer and spends most of her free time dancing, rock climbing, sailing and building.

You can email Leila at leila_e@fdu.edu or call her at 604-682-8112 or our toll free number in North America 1-877-338-8002. In addition to English, Leila is fluent in English and also speaks Finnish.


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