Kathryn Douglas

Director of College Writing

Professor Douglas is an active member of the Department of Literature, Language, Writing and Philosophy. As Director of College Writing, she is chair of the Freshman Writing Committee and has taught all levels of freshman composition. She recently developed a new research writing course with a focus on art. In this course, students concentrate on learning important research skills as they conduct research and write about how images and art forms convey meaning through form and function. For the culminating project, students select and study a holding from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After completing research and writing a paper on the selected work of art, ideas are translated into a visual class presentation. At the end of the semester, class members travel to the museum to view the artwork studied.

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College Writing Program
Department of Literature, Language, Writing and Philosopy
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Email address: douglas@fdu.edu

Short Abstract

Spring Class Schedule:
M/Th 9:55-12:35
College Writing Workshop

Spring Office Hours: M/TH 12:45-1:45pm and by appointment.