Kathleen Haspel

Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Kathleen C. Haspel earned her Ph.D. in Communication from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and an M.A. in English Literature from the City University of New York. Her areas of specialization include Language and Social Interaction and Narrative Communication. She is Past Chair of the Language and Social Interaction Division of the National Communication Association.

Her teaching and research explore intersections of interpersonal, mass, and organizational communication in the discourse of ordinary people in public, mediated, and institutional contexts, particularly in crisis situations (Columbine, 9-11, Katrina, Sandy).

Dr. Haspel has published her work in the Journal of Communication, Language and Dialogue, American Communication Journal, The Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, The International Encyclopedia of Communication, The Prettier Doll: Rhetoric, Discourse, and Ordinary Democracy edited by Karen Tracy, James P. McDaniel, and Bruce Gronbeck (University of Alabama Press, 2007), Critical Rhetorics of Race, edited by Michael G. Lacy and Kent Ono (NYU Press, 2011), and Inter/Cultural Communication: Representation and Construction of Culture, edited by Anastacia Kurylo (Sage, 2013).

She has served as research consultant to the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation of Edison, NJ, and has been a television commentator on KDVR in Denver, Colorado, a radio disc jockey on WFMU (then East Orange, NJ, now Jersey City, NJ), and a disc jockey and newscaster on WSIA (Staten Island, NY).

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Language & Social Interaction division of NCA
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Email address: haspel@fdu.edu

Short Abstract

Courses taught:

COMM 1001 Communication in Everyday Life

COMM 2001 Perspectives on Communication Studies

COMM 2003 Interpersonal Communication

COMM 2005
Narrative Communication

COMM 2015 Media & the Voice of the People

COMM 2099 Professional Communication

COMM 3014 Family Communication

COMM 3027 Language & Social Interaction

COMM 3050 Communication Theory

COMM 3051 Communication & Gender

COMM 3437/
CCOM 7180
Talk at Work

CCOM 6002 Organizational Communication

CCOM 6042 Professional Writing & Editing

CCOM 6049 Issues in Media & Advertising