Joyce Beck

Assistant Director, Web Operations, FDU Office of Communications

Since 2004, Joyce Beck has been supporting the Ripple Effects Incorporated (REI) content management system (CMS) on the FDU web server which allows employees to update website pages without the need for webmaster intervention.

The current system, installed in 2014, is a total re-write of that software by Barkely REI, and is cleverly renamed REIgnition.

FY 2001-2002 

Joyce Beck accepted the position of Campus Webmaster at Fairleigh Dickinson University, reporting directly to University Webmaster, Bill Kennedy, in June 2001.

During Joyce's first full year as Campus Webmaster, her major contributions were to produce dynamically generated web versions of the complete listing of courses from the Graduate Bulletin; to publish student handbooks from both campuses; to create the Global Education web site; and to update numerous sections of the web site.

FY 2002-2003 

During Joyce's second full year as webmaster, a major project was to produce home pages for all four colleges, and to specifically support Silberman College's promotion of their M.B.A. programs. She produced the web version of the complete listing of courses from the Undergraduate Bulletin; and updated the Graduate Bulletin, the student handbooks from both campuses, and the Global Education web site. Database technology was employed to automate dozens of pages that sort course offerings by campus, college, school or department, and discipline.

FY 2003-2004 

The job of Campus Webmaster is cyclical. Once again, it is time to update bulletins and handbooks after all the content has been approved for the printed versions. Old sections of the web site are revisited and revised on a rolling basis. New technologies are gradually built into the web site to improve its performance, content, usability and maintainability.

Continuing Education Instructor, Petrocelli College

FY 1998-1999 

In the fall of 1998, Joyce Beck began her career at Fairleigh Dickinson University as a part-time instructor with New College's Department of Continuing Education. She and Bill Kennedy were co-instructors for the new 90-hour Webmaster Skills Certification. Ken Vehrkins, Dean of New College, believed the program would be a financial success, and invested in a web lab for the course in Dickinson Hall. Two sections filled and ran.

In the spring of 1999, afternoon, evening, and Saturday sessions ran on both campuses, where a new web lab was built in The Barn at the College at Florham. This program was turning into a huge success for New College. Summer day and evening sessions were scheduled and run.

FY 1999-2000 

Bill and Joyce (and New College) rode this tidal wave through the fall of 1999 and the spring and summer of 2000. The Webmaster Skills Certification classes continued to fill semester after semester.

FY 2000-2001 

In the spring of 2001, the '' industry 'bombed.' Seeing that this tidal wave of courses would subside, Joyce accepted the full-time position of Campus Webmaster.

FY 2001-2002 

Webmaster Skills Certification courses continued to run, but not at their previous pace.

FY 2002-2003 

Webmaster Skills Certification courses continued to run.

FY 2003-2004 

In order to adapt to the changing marketplace, the course was changed to the 60-hour Web Skills Certification -- redesigned to provide the student with web skills that can enhance many job descriptions, as opposed to providing the student with skills specifically for a webmaster -- and at lower cost. The change in marketing seemed to have worked. The course is still running.

Interests, courses taught:
internet; worldwide web; web page authoring skills; HTML; role of webmaster; marketing via internet; INFO2106 - Web Site Design; Web Skills.

Credentials, capsule biography:
Co-developed region's first Web Skills Certification program, 1996.

Publications, press mentions:
Open Source at FDU

Short Abstract

Adjunct Instructor

I have taught several courses at FDU, some of them more than 10 semesters.

INFO2105 - Web Page Design; INFO2106 - Web Site Design; INFO4201 - Information Technology Needs Assessment and Management;

Also co-developer and co-instructor of some popular continuing education courses: Web Skills; Dreamweaver; LAMPP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP).