Joseph A. Devine

Associate Professor

School of Administrative Science

Program Affiliations:

Dr. Joseph A. Devine has over thirty-five years of experience in Public Administration and Law Enforcement, including eight years as a Chief Law Enforcement Officer. A graduate of the FBI National Academy 198th, and FBI LEEDS at Princeton University, Dr. Devine is also a Certified Public Manager, a Certified Chief Executive Law Enforcement Officer. He served on the Executive Board of the FBI Joint Terror Task Force. He received protective operations and threat assessment training from the US Secret Service.

In 1993 Dr. Devine was selected to be one of the original ten law enforcement executives to receive leadership and instructional training at the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, United States Military Academy at West Point. He would subsequently serve as the chair and lead instructor of the West Point Leadership and Command Program. In 2000 he managed the leadership training of EUROPOL Executives. He subsequently participated in training facilitated by The Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP), in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2006.

In 2009 he presented a lecture at The Hague, Netherlands on the 1916 attack on Black Tom Island and its relevance to the attacks of 9/11. In 2013 he presented on The Influence of Agency Theory in the Great Irish Potato Famine at an International academic conference. In Spring 2014 Dr. Devine presented on The Role of The Royal Irish Constabulary in the Easter Rebellion at an academic conference. He has also facilitated and presented at other academic and professional conferences. In November 2014 he presented a leadership lecture about social and emotional intelligence to 200 Wall Street executives on the USS Intrepid. He has lectured at the FBI National Academy, West Point, Drew University, Tulane University, St. Elizabeth’s College, Seton Hall and at numerous law enforcement related conferences. He previously served as an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University.

Dr. Devine currently serves as an Associate Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He teaches a wide variety of graduate classes on homeland security, management and leadership. He holds a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Administrative Science, an Educational Specialist degree and a Doctorate in Leadership and Management from Seton Hall University. He is currently completing a second doctorate, a Doctorate of Letters (ABD) from Drew University. Dr. Devine is the recipient of numerous professional and academic awards. A list of his publications is available upon request. After serving as Chief of the Rockaway Township Police Department he served as Chief of Detectives of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. He retired in 2006.


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