John F. Cole

Reflective of his diverse life, career, and interests, John Cole is a multifaceted innovator, broadcaster, leader, manager, educator, author and engaging speaker. As a helping professional, his life mission is in enhancing personal and career potential. He does this through his radio program, Tempus with John Cole; his practice in coaching individuals through life and career transitions, university teaching and volunteering.

John’s career has included successful experiences in multisite and shift management, sales, career transition support, personal coaching, labor negotiations, counseling, service in allied health care, education, disabilities, mental health, criminal justice, construction, print and electronic media. He is the founder and president of Califon Consultation and Development - a career transition, coaching, and communications firm.

Mr. Cole’s seminars, workshops, and presentations on management, leadership, personal, career and organizational development have taken place at corporate, federal, state, private-for-profit and non-profit venues. Participants have been from multiple fields of business (including corporate and manufacturing operations), health care, allied health care, education, law enforcement, and science.

A contributor and volunteer, John has a history of membership on private and public Boards with diverse missions. They have included educational, theater, religious, transportation, and human services organizations. He enjoys his family, hiking, news, reading, art, music, automobiles, good food, writing, travel and home renovations.

John Cole holds degrees from La Salle University and Rider University. He possesses certificates from Rutgers University, The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and Parsons in New York. He is a graduate level instructor at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Administrative Sciences. His research and self-improvement efforts are continuous.

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