Gudrun Dreher

Gudrun Dreher joined FDU in August 2008 as an Adjunct Professor for English. She completed her Ph.D. in English at the University of British Columbia in 2003 with a dissertation on Skaay of the Qquuna Qiighawaay, one of the classical mythtellers from Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands, a group of Islands West of Prince Rupert, BC). During her first research trip to Haida Gwaii, Gudrun fell in love with the place where Skaay’s stories were born and lived there for almost 7 years. She got adopted into the Skedans Raven Clan by Haida Elder Mabel Williams, who introduced her to the major Haida dances, songs, and ceremonies. Gudrun also studied some of the basics of Haida art, in particular carving, with Haida Master Carver Norman Price, who also shared many of his Haida stories with her.

In addition to First Nations Literature and Culture, Gudrun’s areas of research include Multicultural Literature, Canadian Literature, British Literature, American Literature, Poetry, Short Fiction, Drama, as well as English Language and Style. Gudrun received her MA in Germany with a thesis on George Eliot, but has taught not only English literature, but also linguistics and ESL.

At the moment, Gudrun is particularly interested in Poetry – in particular in the connection between Poetry and Music, Poetry and the Visual Arts, and Poetry and Dance – as well as in World Literature and Philosophy, Multicultural Identity, Intercultural Sharing and Understanding, and Forms of Creativity. She has integrated creative approaches not only into her own work (for example, her dissertation) but also into her teaching, and collaborated with her FDU students on several plays (“The Big Banana Play,” “In the Pink Kingdom,” and “Spice to Life”) and other projects, most recently “One World, One Peace, One Future – the first FDU Peace Festival” (December 2010). Gudrun’s next projects include a collection of her own poetry (In Honor of the Raven) and the edition of the first FDU Anthology of Poetry, Short Fiction, and Non-Fictional Prose.

The courses that Gudrun has taught in the past few years were ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, EPS 1101 and Fresh(Wo)man 1000 at FDU – as well as ENGL 112 (Academic Writing), ENGL 222 (Literature in Canada), ENGL 470 (Canadian Studies), and ENGL 225 (Poetry) at UBC.

Gudrun also holds a Yoga Teaching Certificate, a Relaxation Therapist Diploma, as well as a 1st and 2nd Degree in Reiki. She is a dedicated student of Aikido (at Vancouver West Aikikai), loves writing (in particular poems, short stories and music), and has taught Yoga, Karate, Ballet, Creative Movement, Fitness, Relaxation, Recorder, and Violin. She is very interested in Music, Dance, Martial Arts, as well as in Meditation and Asian Culture and Philosophy in general. She has two big and bratty but very charming dogs, named Chance (a Husky-x) and Gagiit (a Rottie-x), and a third dog, Wasghu (a Lab-x), who now lives in Terrace.

You can email Gudrun at or call her at 604-682-8112 or our toll free number in North America 1-877-338-8002. In addition to English, Gudrun is fluent in German.


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