Douglas K. Lemanowicz

Adjunct Professor Douglas Lemanowicz has B.A. degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Doug has a Master of Administrative Science degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He graduated with graduate certificates in Emergency Management & Administration, Global Security & Terrorism Studies, and School Security & Safety Administration. Doug assisted in the course development for “The Impact of Terrorism on School Safety” and has been an adjunct professor since 2007. He also instructs the MAS course, "Preventing Future Columbines". He is a member of the Fairleigh Dickinson University School Safety Board. He is also active in providing analysis of school violence and school shootings for homeland security personnel. He has conducted presentations and seminars involving terrorism and school violence for state police members, school administration personnel, and other public safety professionals.

Doug Lemanowicz is a New Jersey State Trooper and currently assigned as the Unit Head for the Urban Search and Rescue Unit within the Emergency Management Section. As Program Coordinator of New Jersey Task Force One, the State’s Urban Search and Rescue Team, he is responsible for the operational and administrative activities of NJ-TF1. This "Unified Culture" of specialty responders from all 21 counties operates and coordinates missions within the New Jersey State Police, the NJ Office of Emergency Management, the State Urban Search & Rescue (SUSAR) Alliance, and the FEMA National US&R Response System. NJ-TF1 is comprised of over 220 members that deploy to natural, man-made, and civil emergencies. They provide technical rescue and response to emergencies that may involve structural collapse, confined space, swiftwater/flooded areas, weapons of mass destruction, disaster declared areas, etc. Doug has also served as a rescue specialist for NJ-TF1 since 2007. Lemanowicz’s prior assignment was on the T.E.A.M.S. (Technical Emergency and Mission Specialists) Unit with the NJSP Homeland Security Branch and Special Operations Section. Through specialized training and work experience, he has acquired knowledge in emergency management protocol, special weapons and tactics, SCUBA recovery operations, high angle rope rescue, tactical/rescue helicopter deployments, counter terrorism methods tactics, CRBNE threats, weapons of mass destruction, crisis preparedness and response, and rapid response to active shooter instruction/deployment.

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