Diane Wentworth

Professor, Department of Psychology & Counseling

Research Interests

Organizational effectiveness
Effects of constant work accessibility
Women's career development patterns
The relationship between technology use and academic performance
Work-family balance issues


Wentworth, D.K. & Middleton, J. (2014). Technology use and academic performance.  Computers & Education, 78, 306-311.   doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2014.06.012

Islam, S. & Wentworth, D.K. (2014). Work experience and gender effects on the work  schedule preferences of undergraduate accounting students   Accounting and Finance Research, 3(3), 127-142. doi: 10.5430/afr.v3n3p127.

Whitmarsh, L. & Wentworth, D.K. (2012). Gender similarity or gender difference? Contemporary women’s and men’s career patterns. The Career Development Quarterly, 60(1), 47-64.

Whitmarsh, L., Brown, D., Cooper, J., Rodgers, Y. & Wentworth, D.K. (2007). Choices and  challenges:  A qualitative exploration of professional women’s career patterns. The  Career Development Quarterly, 55(3),  225-236.

 Wentworth, D.K. & Chell, R. (2005). Chapter entitled “Gender identity at home:  Comparing the role of househusband to        housewife.”  In The Psychology of Gender Identity. Hauppauge, NY:  Nova Science Publishers.

Wentworth, D.K. (2002). The schizophrenic organization. The Industrial-Organizational  Psychologist, 39(4), 39-41.

Wentworth, D.K. & Chell, R. (2001).   The role of househusband as compared to housewife as perceived by a college population. The Journal of Psychology, 135(6), 639-650.

 Wentworth, D.K. & Chell, R. (1997). American college students and the Protestant work ethic. The Journal of Social Psychology, 137(3), 284-296.

 Quatrella, L.A. &  Wentworth, D.K. (1995). Students'  perceptions of unequal dating relationships in academia. Ethics and Behavior, 5(3), 249-259.


Classes taught 

      General Psychology
      Group Development
      Industrial Psychology
      Managerial Psychology
      Social Psychology
      Behavioral Consulting
      Group Dynamics & Team Leadership
      Internship in I/O Psychology
      Organizational Psychology
      Personnel Selection


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