Benjamin Freer

Assistant Professor 

School of Psychology - Metropolitan Campus

Benjamin Freer, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He received his doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Kentucky with a focus on cognitive development.


Broadly, my research examines the effects of life experiences on how children and adults behave in their environment from a cognitive developmental perspective. Specifically, I currently maintain four lines of research:

  1. the effect of trauma exposure and/or military deployment on children and families
  2. the role of attention in working memory and inhibition
  3. the perception of and response to a peer in distress
  4. the behavioral, cognitive, and neuropsychological factors related to children and adults with ADHD

My research has been published in journals, such as: Violence and VictimsJournal of Adolescent Trauma, Journal of Educational Psychology, School Psychology Review, and Health Policy.

My research team and I have presented at regional, national, and international conferences, such as: American Psychological Association (APA),  Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD), National Academy of Neurosciences (NAN), International Neuropsychological Society (INS), Institute of Education Sciences (IES), and Eastern Psychological Association (EPA).

My research teams consist of graduate and undergraduate students. Any students interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to contact me to discuss the opportunity of joining one of my research teams.


I typically teach in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at FDU. The courses I have taught at FDU include:


PSYC 3202 Experimental Psychology
PSYC 3338 Cognitive Processes


PSYC 7130 Biological Bases of Behavior
PSYC 7133 Learning, Cognition, & Emotion
PSYC 6112 Clinical Research Methods & Psychometrics
PSYC 7110 Research Design & Analysis I


In addition to my research and teaching, I represent FDU at the United Nations (UN) as a member of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). I currently serve as the recording secretary at the NGO Committee on the Family-New York. My work at the UN has included speaking at the International Day of the Family as a panelist.

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