Azly Abdul-Rahman

Adjunct Professor, University CORE Foundations

Some courses taught: I. CORE and UNIVERSITY FOUNDATIONS: - Global Challenge (CORE Department) - Cross Cultural Perspectives (CORE Department) - Perspectives on the Individual (CORE Department) - Freshman Seminar (Freshman Experience) II. POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS -Introduction to Political Science -The Global Challenge -Geography and World Issues -International Problems & Conflict Resolution -Colonialism, Imperialism, and Dependency -Forces and Issues in the Middle East -History of the Middle East, Part I III. EDUCATION -Philosophies of Education -Effective Teaching, Effective Schools -Clinical Teaching I -Clinical Teaching II -The Teacher as Researcher and Educational Leader -Teaching Strategies for the Diverse Classroom -Masters Seminar IV. PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, and SOCIAL SCIENCES - Foundations of Western Civilization - The West and the World - Social and Moral Philosophy - Life of the Mind - Introduction to Religion - Religions of the World

Short Abstract

Courses I am teaching: 1. Global Issues (University CORE) 2. Cross Cultural Perspectives (University CORE) 3. Perspecives on the Individual (University CORE)