Antonio Velásquez

School of the Humanities: Spanish

Professor Velásquez was born in El Salvador but spent most of his life in Canada where he was educated.  He has an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and has worked at several Canadian universities, including U of T., McMaster and Guelph.  He specializes in Latin American Narrative Fiction with emphasis on Central America.  However, his teaching experience goes beyond his area of specialization. He has taught in both streams, Latin American and Spanish Peninsular Literatures and Cultures.  At FDU, he teaches all levels of Spanish, Literature and Culture.  He also teaches LANG courses in English with cross cultural content.  Professor Velásquez is the author of Las novelas de Claribel Alegría and of the first Canadian edition of Intercambios: Spanish for Global Communication co-authored with Canadian writer and scholar Stephen Henighan.

Dr. Velásquez is currently working on an anthology, a groundbreaking work on sexual diversity writing in Central America. Several of his academic articles and short stories have been published in journals in Spain, Latin America and the United States.

Some of my courses at FDU:

  • LANG 2201            Language and Cultural Awareness
  • SPAN 4437            Advanced Composition in Spanish
  • SPAN 1101 and 1102 Elementary Spanish I & II
  • SPAN 2103 and 2104 Intermediate Spanish I & II
  • LANG 3319            Short Story: Reflection of Language & Cult.
  • SPAN 4253 and 4254 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature I & II
  • LANG 3322            Latin American Women Authors
  • LANG 3324            The Latin American Short Story
  • SPAN 3305            Hispanic Civilization I
  • SPAN 4235            Latin American Media
  • SPAN 3439            Latin American Civilization and Culture

Selected Publications:

  •  “Miradas sobre la representación de la homosexualidad en la literatura centroamericana y el caso de Trágame tierra de Lizandro Chávez Alfaro.” The Latin Americanist 59.2 (June 2015): 51-66.

  • “El silencio del escondite.” The Acentos Review: A Quaterly Literary and Arts Journal. Vol. 4 (November, 2014).

  • Compiler. Introducción a la literatura hispanoamericana: selecciones literarias. Toronto: Nelson/Thomson, 2007.

  • “Juan Felipe Toruño, capitán sin barco o el buceador de las letras salvadoreñas y universales”. Juan Felipe Toruño en dos mundos: análisis crítico de sus obras. Edited by Ardis Nelson and Rhina Toruño. Lawrence, MA: Cambridge BrickHouse Inc., 2006. (255-270)

  • Intercambios: Spanish for Global Communication. 1st Canadian Edition. Toronto: Nelson / Thomson Canada Ltd, 2006. (Co-authored with Canadian writer and scholar Stephen Henighan).

  • Workbook / Laboratory Manual for Intercambios: Spanish for Global Communication. 1st Canadian Edition. Toronto: Nelson / Thomson Canada Ltd, 2006. (Co-authored with Canadian writer and scholar Stephen Henighan).

  • Las novelas de Claribel Alegría: historia, sociedad y (re)visión de la estética literaria centroamericana. New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc., 2002.

Short Abstract

“Apply yourself to the study of the Spanish language with 
all the assiduity you can. It and the English covering 
nearly the whole face of America, they should be well 
known to every inhabitant, who means to look beyond the 
limits of his farm” 
Thomas Jefferson, “Letter to Peter Carr” (1788)

Faculty of Spanish and other languages


Research interests:

20th century narrative

Gender studies

Testimonial writing


Language learning with technology

Sexual diversity literature

Cross cultural perspectives