Alan Fask

Professor Fask currently serves as Professor of Statistics and Decision Sciences at FDU. He has also served as a consultant to many companies including Novartis, Schering-Plough, Roche, Merck, Adams, Forest and Warner Lambert, as well as Atlantic Health.

His academic credentials include a B.S. in Mathematics from CCNY, an M.S. in Operations Research and a Ph.D. in Statistics, both from New York University.

Research Areas:

     1. Promotional Response Measurement
     2. Forecasting, Econometrics & Time Series Analysis
     3. Quality and Operations Management
     4. Experimental & Survey Design
     5. Biostatistics

Selected Publications

“Strategies in International Equity Markets: The Long and the Short of It”, Sorin Tuluca, Alan Fask. International Research Journal of Applied Finance,  Vol VI Issue 12, December, 2015.

“On the Integrity of Online Testing for Introductory Statistics Courses: A Latent Variable Approach”, Alan Fask, Fred Englander, Zhaobo Wang. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 20(10). 2015.

“Online Testing and Its Implications in Business Education”, Alan Fask, Fred Englander and Zhaobo Wang, Proceedings of Northeast Business & Economics Association, 41st Annual Meeting. 2014.

“Measuring the Impact of Innovations in Bertheussen’s ‘Digital School Examinations”, International Business Research, Alan Fask, Fred Englander and Zhaobo Wang, Vol. 7, No.10, October 2014.

“Do Online Exams Facilitate Cheating? An Experiment Designed to Separate Possible Cheating from the Effect of the Online Test Taking Environment”, Alan Fask, Fred Englander and Zhaobo Wang. Journal of Academic Ethics, 12(2), 101-112, 2014.

“Optimal Forecasting with Linex Cost Functions in a Hierarchical Organization”, Alan Fask, European Journal of Management, Volume 13, Number 1, 125-130, April 2013.

“COMMENT on “The Impact of Online Assessment on Grades in Community College Distance Education Mathematics Courses”  by Ronald W. Yates and Brian Beaudrie” by Fred Englander, Alan Fask and Zhaobo Wang. American Journal of Distance Education, Vol. 25, No 2,pp 114-120, June 2011.

"Promotion Response Measurement and Total Quality Management", Alan Fask and Ronald Heim, Review of Business Research, Vol 9, No 5, 156-170, Nov 2009.


Short Abstract

Alan Fask (contact: began his professional career doing consulting while still in graduate school. He subsequently received his MS (in Operations Research) and his Ph.D. (in Statistics) from New York University. He began teaching at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1973, but has continued consulting in Operations, Forecasting, Promotion Response Measurement and Biomedical Statistics for some of the largest corporations in the US. He has also done expert witness testimony. His research interests reflect his consulting experience, but he has broader interests in experimental and study design.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning should be fun.

I hate to admit it, but many of my students entering my Statistics/Quantitative Analysis courses seem to find those subjects onerous and just not fun. My job is to change that perception.

It is my belief that most subjects, including the ones I teach, have just a few central concepts. Everything else is commentary. So I try very hard to focus on the central and most important ideas, relevant to the real world, and, if I can, do it in a fun way.

I have about forty years of consulting experience in Operations, Promotion Response Measurent, Market Research, and Biomedical Statistics. I try to communicate these experiences to my students from a practical and thoughtful perspective.