Ajay Garg

Assistant Professor

School of Administrative Science

Program Affiliations

Bio Statement

Dr. Ajay K. Garg, Assistant Professor in Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver. He had been a Senior Professor in School of Business Studies, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, India. He has more than 14 years of academic experience as a faculty as well as a successful administrator and is a management teacher accredited by All-India Management Association (AIMA). Additionally, he has about 14 years of industry experience in the area of international business and operations. He has completed various academic and industrial assignments in 23 countries. Dr. Garg has been a resource person on quality, stress and time management (in the fields of small scale, handicraft and cottage industry) with various government and public sector organizations. He has been a member of the advisory committee on ‘Assessment of Waste and Pattern of Occupational Hazards in Plastic Industry’ set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. He has been an independent member in the Advisory Committee of SWISO, an ISO certifying company for auditing their system of granting ISO certification.

Brief vita /Publications and Research

He has to his credit one text book on ‘Production Operations Management’ with McGraw Hill Educations published in August 2011 and reprinted in May 2015. Another book on 'Managing Quality in Handicraft Sector' with ReadWorthy Publications published in April 2012. Some of major research papers published in reputed journals are as under:

  • Hedjar, R., Garg A.K  & Tadj, L. (2015) “Model predictive production planning in a three-stock reverse-logistics system with deteriorating items”, in International Journal of Systems Science: Operations & Logistics,  Publisher: Taylor & Francis Informa Ltd peer reviewed journal registered in England and Wales, DOI: 10.1080/23302674.2015.101566
  • Garg, A.K. and Sandhu, P.K. (2015) ‘To overcome the challenges thrown by globalisation by benchmarking with a special reference to banking sector – a case study’, Int. J. Process Management and Benchmarking, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp.280–297
  • Garg, A.K. & Dhingra, V. (2014) “Employees’ perception about quality of work life: insight of handicraft sector” in New York Science Journal 2014;7(12),  (ISSN: 1554-0200), http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork.
  • Dhingra, V. & Garg, A.K. (2014) “A Study of factors influencing Quality of Work Life of employees of Art Metal Ware Handicraft sector of India” in peer reviewed journal Pacific Business Review International, Volume 7, Issue 6,
  • Garg, A.K. & Dhingra, V. (2014)  “A study of perception of handicraft sector employees about quality of work life based on gender differences”  in peer reviewed International Journal of Research in Management, Economics & Commerce, www.indusedu.org  (ISSN 2250-057X, Volume 4, Issue 11
  • Garg, A.K., Sinha, N. and Dhall, N.(2013) ‘Quality management in new automotive supply chains: a study of select Indian auto component SMEs’, Int. J. Automotive Technology and Management, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., Switzerland, Vol 13, No. 4, pp 391-410.
  • Garg, A.K. and Dhingra, V. (2013), ‘ A study of perception of quality of work life of manpower in handicraft industry in India: A conceptual Framework’, ‘IMR-Management Speak’ a refereed journal, India, Vol. 6, No.1, June 2013, pp 25-32.
  • Garg, A.K., and Gupta, R. (2013), ‘Barcode enabled supply chain management for organized retail stores-an empirical case study’, ‘Research Journal of Social Science & Management’ refereed and peer reviewed international on-line journal Singapore, Vol.3, No.2, June 2013, pp 70-83.
  • Garg, A.K., (2013) ‘Benchmarking: A tool to overcome the challenges thrown by globalization & economic disparities- A study of Indian Banking Sector’, Global Review: Globalize, Identify, Transform-A Biannual Special Topics Journal, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada, Vol 1, Supplement 1, 2013, pp 91-116.
  • Garg, A.K., and Gupta, R. (2013), ‘IT enabled SCM for organized retail stores’, ‘Research Journal of Science & IT Management’ refereed and peer reviewed international journal Singapore, Vol.2, No.8, pp 7-19.
  • Garg, A.K., Sinha, N. and Dhall, N. (2012) ‘Inter linkages between organizational culture and quality management system: a study of small and medium enterprises in  Indian auto component sector’, DIAS Technology Review’, international journal of business, Delhi, India, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp 27-36.
  • Garg, A.K., and Gupta, R. (2007), Benchmarking: practices and tools for achieving international standards in Indian telecommunication sector, Global Business Review, Sage Publications ( I) Ltd., Los Angeles, London, Singapore, New Delhi and Thousand Oaks, Vol. 8, No. 2, July-December 2007, pp.221-235.
  • Garg, A.K., Goyal, O.P. and Mittal, R.K. (2005), A study of Quality Management in Indian handicraft Industry, Global Business Review, Sage Publications (I) Ltd, Los Angeles, Delhi, London, Singapore and Thousand Oaks, Vol.6, No.2, July-December 2005, pp.189-206.

Short Abstract


  • Ph. D. (Quality decision making and Operations Management)
  • MBA (Operations and International Business Management)
  • B. Sc. (Mechanical Engineering, Honors)
  • Certificate Course-French Language


Award:     College of Management and Computer Applications got ‘Business School with excellent business interface’ award from Bhaskar Group of Publications, Mumbai in February 2010 as I was responsible for Industry- University interface for more than four years.

Regularity Awards:  Three consecutive regularity awards in Aravali India Limited, India
Courses Taught
  • Organizational Decision Making,
  • Theory and Practice of Administration,
  • Operations Management
  • Global Technology Project Management


Two Corporate Meets:  Arranged to gather more than 85 corporate sector Indian companies’ executives to achieving the target of 100% students’ placement in different industrial organizations.

International Conferences:  Organized International Conference, acted as Conference Chair-Person, ‘Role of Management and Technology in Shaping India a developed country by 2020’.

Collaboration:  Established a joint International contract for student and faculty exchange program between TMU, India and University of Regina, Canada for under-graduate degree program.

Distribution Network for New Company:  Set up all India marketing for Aravali India Ltd. and raised the turnover up to 1500 Million within first three years.

Global Business Records:  Managed the 250% growth in 3 years and headed all business aspects successfully of an export company, Indian Art Enterprises.

Editor-in-Chief of an international Journal ‘Viewpoint’ on Management and Technology in the year2010-11.

Member Peer Review Panel of `Benchmarking` an International Journal since June 2015.

Member of International Centre of Economics, Humanity and Management (ICEHM) a multinational organization and Reviewer of their journal since September 2014.

Founder Director of “Tricity Indian Heritage, Arts & Culture Society” since May 2015.