SIE Workshops

Existing research reveals that the most effective learning occurs when instruction is grounded in real-world problems, when cross-disciplinary approaches are pursued, and when modern technologies are used to tailor teaching and learning experiences to the needs of the individual learners. Our expert faculty members tie pedagogical methodologies together with these concepts to train educators to meet the challenges of the 21st century science and math classroom environment.

The SIE workshops are created with collaborative efforts of faculty from the science, mathematics and computer science departments and the school of education. This strong collaboration, at every step, helps us design unique workshops that span the details of content delivery with cutting edge and proven pedagogical techniques.


Science and math faculty conduct workshop sessions in a dynamic, interactive learning environment offering effective ways to deliver content for a range of student learning styles. The workshops cover content areas to effectively incorporate the Common Core Standards.


Faculty experts from the School of Education offer effective techniques on how to teach math and science through hands on experience, inquiry based learning and real world examples.


Teachers attending programs designed at SIE  have unique opportunities to partake in cutting edge research at the modern science and math facilities alongside expert researchers in their field. Program attendees work to problem solve on a relevant area of research while learning effective ways to take these concepts and techniques back to their classroom to enhance their ability to teach math and science.

Grant Writing:

Expert grant writers and researchers hold workshops on how to effectively write a fundable proposal and how these grant opportunities can supplement the costs of technology, equipment and supplies in the classroom.

Follow-Up and Mentoring:

SIE participants have unique opportunities to be in electronic contact (using the Blackboard virtual classroom) with their colleagues and an assigned faculty mentor to discuss teaching methods and techniques. Teachers are periodically invited back at the conclusion of the program/ semester to re-convene and discuss and share successes and challenges within the classroom.

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