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STEM Institute of Education (SIE)

At the STEM Institute of Education (SIE), our mission is to prepare highly qualified and versatile teachers who will motivate, attract, and encourage talented youth to explore and pursue careers in science, math and technology.

Current News: Free Professional Development Opportunities

Sponsored by Google: A CS4HS Program: June 20-21 & 22-24 for grades 4-12 educators-

Computational Thinking & Analytical Problem Solving is a program designed for educators for grades 4-7 & 8-12. Learn to code while developing practical applications with a Cybersecurity backdrop. Action-packed days of insights and best practices will empower you to incorporate computational thinking in your teaching and to enthuse your students to learn about CS as a driver of innovation.


Contact Kiron Sharma for professional development workshops that cover timely topics and content for k-12 teachers and administrators to successfully adapt to the changes in the curriculum.

The Common Core

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The Next Generation Science Standards



Our Goals

1. To better prepare K-12 science and mathematics teachers in content, standards, assessment, pedagogy, and research

2. To develop replicable models of collaboration for improving the achievement of K-12 school students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

3. To design programs that will raise the interest level of underrepresented students in STEM disciplines and related careers

4. Implement strategies to employ novel mobile technologies in STEM disciplines for middle schools


Our Principle

Math and science teachers have the great challenge of motivating, challenging and training young minds. Our students need more than ever to receive the educational tools to prepare them for an increasingly competitive future in STEM disciplines. SIE supports K-12 educators to rise to the challenge of training the great minds of tomorrow by providing focused training in content areas, and in implementing standards based instruction and assessment techniques. SIE also provides school districts with assistance in implementing scientifically tested, practical pedagogical tools.

Faculty members at SIE work collaboratively with school districts and the various departments and colleges on FDU’s two NJ campuses to provide continuing education for teachers in varied formats. Our team includes qualified and dedicated professionals who are committed to improving the state of STEM education and to advancing the representation of minorities in STEM fields. Our priority is to equip teachers with deep content knowledge and to ensure that they remain passionate about their fields of expertise and their teaching

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Kiron Sharma, Ph.D              

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics


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