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Visit FDU!

Undergraduate Students

Discover Your Major Days

Visit FDU for our Discover Your Major Days!
These unique programs offer the opportunity to explore various academic majors while interacting with FDU faculty and students.

Daily Information Sessions and Campus Tours

10 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Friday

Saturday and Holiday Visit Dates

January 2020

Saturday, January 25 Florham Campus Metropolitan Campus

February 2020

Saturday, February 15 Florham Campus Metropolitan Campus
Monday, February 17 Florham Campus Metropolitan Campus

March 2020

Saturday, March 7 Florham Campus Metropolitan Campus

Making the Most of Your FDU Visit

Pictures and words help — but there's nothing like seeing the Florham Campus for yourself! You will experience our student-guided campus tour, learn more about campus life and our academic majors during an information session presented by an Admissions Counselor and discover ...

  • the variety of classes to choose from
  • the clubs and organizations that are right for you
  • our athletic teams and intramural sports
  • the welcoming community at the Campus

It's the perfect opportunity for us to get to know you — and for you to personally experience FDU. You'll leave with a good sense of our "campus personality."

Plan your visit to FDU today!

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