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FDU Outlines New Undergraduate Programs

Fairleigh Dickinson University is excited to expand its academic reach by adding to its comprehensive list of academic majors and concentrations. These new programs will provide FDU students with a clear advantage by meeting the growing demands in their associated industries.

New Undergraduate Majors

Fall 2017

  • Mechanical Engineering, BS - Metropolitan Campus
    Emphasizing practical applications, the B.S. in Mechanical Engineering program focuses on four important areas: Mechanical Design, Electromechanical Devices and Controls, Advanced Manufacturing, and Thermal Sciences. Students will learn to analyze, design, build, test, operate, and maintain mechanical devices, systems, processes, and facilities, and manage projects.

Fall 2016

  • Civil Engineering, BS - Metropolitan Campus
    The Civil Engineering program focuses on three key areas: structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering. All course work is fully integrated with laboratory experience in state-of-the-art facilities. Graduates will be well-prepared to supervise construction and rebuilding of roads, bridges, dams and water systems and to contribute to environmental sustainability by managing renewable energy projects, among many possibilities.

  • Computer Science, BS - Florham Campus
    Cybersecurity (Concentration)
    The demand for cyber security professionals is high and expected to grow even more in the coming years in both the public and private sectors. Our cybersecurity curriculum has been designed to lay a solid foundation in computer science and math. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have designated FDU as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE). The cybersecurity curriculum will train professionals to protect computer networks and systems in the financial, communication, energy, and transportation industries as well as in government, against cyber attacks.

  • Information Technology, BS - Metropolitan Campus
    Security and Forensics (Concentration)

    The Security and Forensics concentration of the B.S. Information Technology program helps students learn the principles and practice of cyberspace security and computer forensics and to apply them in defending the cyberspace and conducting cybercrime investigations. This concentration, designed with an appropriate blend of cyber defense and forensics courses, will help the information technology majors learn the use of cyber-defense techniques and tools in the systems, networks, and database administration tasks.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BA - Florham Campus
    omen's Leadership (Concentration)

    Our approach employs case studies of women in leadership positions, which can serve as role models for both female and male students. By investigating the drive, programs, effort, ideas, and struggles of women in fields from politics and business to the sciences and defense department, our students will learn how to model and strategically organize their academic and professional pursuits.

Fall 2015

  • Business Administration, BS
    Sustainability Management (Concentration)

    Available at the Metropolitan and Florham Campuses, the BS in Business Administration with Sustainability Management concentration provides students with an understanding of sustainability concepts and disciplines needed to develop creative, adaptive solutions to organizational and societal issues at local and global levels.

  • Computer Science, BS - Metropolitan Campus
    Information Security Administration (Concentration)

    The Information Security Administration concentration of the B.S. Computer Science program helps students learn the principles and practices of administering information assurance and to develop algorithms, systems, and tools for this domain. The Metropolitan Campus enjoys the proximity of New York City with its major financial institutions and government agencies. The School also has strong relationships with companies in the Northern NJ and New York City that help students to expand their experiential learning opportunities.

  • Graphic Design, BA - Florham Campus
    Creativity is key the the Graphic Design program - specifically, creative problem-solving. The program fosters a whole person approach to design challenges, as students become proficient artists, writers, and typographic experts. All concentrations - illustration, print, and web design - develop the creative technological skills needed to compete successfully in the marketplace.

  • Health Studies, BS - Metropolitan Campus
    The Health Studies program is designed to prepare graduates with an understanding of a wide range of health related concepts including: diseases and their causes, distribution of diseases, risk factors and prevention, behavior change theory and application, and evidence-based practice. The program has 2 tracks, a general track for those students who plan to work in a healthcare field, and a science track for students who plan to go on for graduate studies.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BA - Florham Campus
    Strength and Conditioning (Concentration)

    This concentration is aimed at cultivating highly competitive strength and conditioning coaches by exposing each student to the academic and clinical side of the field. We are dedicated to nurturing the talents of each student to ensure the highest degree of success after graduation. Students will spend clinical hours at many of the high-level facilities of our affiliates in the New York/New Jersey area which cater to the training needs of today's athletes.

  • Psychology, BA - Metropolitan Campus
    Consumer Psychology (Concentration)

    The consumer psychology track will provide students with an understanding of human responses to product- and service-related information and experiences. This track will prepare students to work in private industry, non-profit, and government agencies in positions related to marketing research, advertising, designing/evaluating community-wide interventions, public health campaigns and social marketing.

  • Psychology, BA - Metropolitan Campus
    Org. Behavior/Human Resources Psychology (Concentration)

    The Org. Behavior/HR track will provide students with a background in organizational processes and decision-making related to personnel selection, training and management. This track will prepare students to work in private industry, non-profit, and government agencies in positions related to human resources and/or management consulting.

  • Sports Administration, BA - Florham and Metropolitan Campuses
    The Sports Administration program combines sports-related courses with classes that sharpen your business, information systems, accounting, communications and research skills. New York City, one of the largest sports and athletics markets in the nation, is an integral part of your educational experience. Not to mention the first-hand experience opportunities with FDU's NCAA Division I and Division III athletic programs. You'll be well prepared for a career in the sports industry, one of the largest areas of commerce in the United States.

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