Bridge Programs

Qualifying Degree Programs

Applicants with a 3-year non-U.S. bachelor's degree (or who only have the equivalent of 15 years of sequential education) cannot enroll directly into a master's program at FDU. However, FDU offers a 3-year Bridge program for students interested in pursuing the following programs:

  • MBA
  • MS in Accounting
  • MS in Supply Chain Management
  • MS in Management Information Systems
  • MS in Computer Science
  • MS in E-Commerce
  • MS in Cyber-security and Information Assurance
  • MS in Hospitality Management

NOTE: Applicants whose bachelor's degree curriculum is compliant with the Bologna Declaration are considered for direct admission to master's programs at FDU.

Admission Requirements

  • Students applying to a Bridge program should apply as a regular Graduate applicant.
  • In addition to all required documents, you must include a statement of purpose requesting admission into a specific Bridge program.

Program Requirements

  • The Bridge programs typically require 10 courses/30-credits that can be completed 1 year prior to joining the regular graduate program.
  • Students work with their academic adviser to choose appropriate courses, which may be at the undergraduate and/or graduate level.  
  • The Bridge program for MBA, MS in Accounting, and MS in Supply Chain Management consists of 24 credits in the first year.


Applicants with a 3-year degree who are not interested in the Bridge program and/or are pursuing a different major can either:

  • Complete 1 additional year of coursework in your home country, e.g. a post-graduate degree program or the first year of a Master's from an accredited institution. Vocational or technical programs are generally unacceptable, and all classes must be taken on site (not online).
  • Apply to FDU as an Undergraduate Transfer Applicant

Contact Information

  • Office Address:
    The Office of International Admissions
    1000 River Rd., T-KB1-01
    Teaneck, NJ 07666
  • E-mail: 


  • Fall (August) Semester:  July 1
  • Spring (January) Semester: December 1
  • Summer semester (limited programs):  May 1

    Admissions are rolling. Please allow 3-4 weeks to process your application.

    Deadlines may vary according to program. Please check your desired major's department website for more details.