The minor in Speech offers students interested in improving their oral communication skills to choose from a wide range of offerings – from courses in articulation and diction to those requiring the use of audiovisual aids for professional presentations. The minor would be especially useful for students planning careers in which effective oral communication is essential, such as law, teaching, broadcasting, the performing arts, hotel management, tourism, advertising, and public relations. For international students, it would be an ideal minor, since it would enable them to enhance their speaking facility.

Students interested in this minor must complete 15 credits from the following 3-credit courses:

SPCH1105   Voice Production and Articulation 
SPCH1155   Public Speaking
SPCH2153   Speech and Voice Improvement
SPCH2217   Speech for Broadcasters
SPCH2318   Oral Presentations
SPCH2351   Persuasive Speaking
SPCH2353   Speech: Small Group Discussion
COMM1106  Interpersonal Communication
SPCH4430   Selected Studies in Speech
COMM2557  Radio Broadcast Workshop
COMM3558  Advanced Radio Broadcast Workshop
THEA2205    Acting: Theory and Practice I