Global and Cultural Studies

This 15-credit minor is designed for students who have an interest in global or popular cultures. As the workplace has become increasingly globalized, it has become especially important for professionals, regardless of the career they enter, to gain a developed understanding and knowledge of diverse cultures, nations, and people. Students who choose this concentration will be able to pick from courses that emphasize a deeper understanding of media and popular culture (e.g., Mass Media, Popular Culture and Media, Sports and Popular Culture, etc.) and courses that investigate international cultures and communities (Bollywood and Beyond, Middle East Politics, Africa in World Affairs, etc.).

AFST1101: Africa and Africans I
AFST1102: Africa and Africans II
COMM1101: Mass Media: Image, Sound, and Text
COMM1105: Intercultural Communication
COMM2102: International Communication
COMM2104: Language, Culture, and Communication
COMM2210: Popular Culture and the Media
COMM2415: Sports and Popular Culture
COMM3102: Media, History, and Society
COMM/HUMN4468: Bollywood and Beyond: India in Film
ENGL3381: Popular Fiction
ENGL3382: Special Topics in Black Literature
ENGL3383: Ethnic Literatures of the United States
ENGL3384: Postcolonial Literature
ENGL3389: The Global Novel
ENGL3392: International Literature
ENGL/HUMN3396: South-African Literature, Sex, Politics
ENGL/HUMN3399: Continental Drift: Sex, Gender, and Family in the South Asian Diaspora
ENGL3430: Contemporary African Literature
ENGL4445: Caribbean Literature
HIST1215: World History Since 1500
HIST3202: Middle East I
HIST3102: Race in America
HIST2245 Islamic History
HIST3360 Modern African History
HUMN3220 Political and Social History of Music
HUMN/PHIL3307 Slavery and Global Ethics 
HUMN/PHIL2440: Human Rights
HUMN/PHIL2443: African-American Political Thought
HUMN2454: Music, Power, and Freedom
HUMN2456: Dissent in Popular Culture: From Inception to Iraq
HUMN/RELI3316: Babylon the Great: Culture, Religion, and Conflict in Iraq
HUMN3221: Coming of Age in America
HUMN/PHIL2448 Comparative Religions
HUMN/PHIL3307: Slavery and Global Ethics
LANG2201: Cultural Awareness and Languages
POLS2206: American Minority Politics
PHIL2321: African Philosophy
POLS3324: American Minority Groups
POLS3349: African American Politics
POLS3363: Middle East Politics
POLS3364: Middle East in World Affairs
POLS3367: Africa in World Affairs I
POLS3368: Africa in World Affairs II
POLS4463: Political and Economical Challenges in Africa
SOCI3326: Work in the Global Context  
SOCI3342: Sexual Diversity

Other, selected classes may be approved by a Humanities faculty advisor