Forensic Psychology

One Required Foundation Course

PSYC1103     General Psychology

Two Required Major courses - (6 credits) from the following: 

PSYC2201     Statistics
PSYC2204     Child Development 
PSYC2234     Social Psychology 
PSYC3202     Experimental Psychology**
PSYC3315     Abnormal Psychology  
PSYC3384     Theories of Personalities

Two Forensic Psychology Track Courses - (6 credits) from the following:

PSYC3305     Adolescent Growth and Development
PSYC3317     Psychology and the Law
PSYC3319     World of the Psychopath or an approved CRIM course
PSYC3421     Psychology of Criminal Behavior ***

** Prerequisite: PSYC2201 Statistics or equivalent in major (e.g., DSCI2130 Business Statistics)

*** Prerequisite - PSYC3315 Abnormal Psychology

Students who are majoring in psychology are not permitted to enroll in this minor. Psychology majors may elect to complete the forensic psychology track within their major and must complete a minor in another area.