Digital Humanities

This 15-credit minor is designed for students interested in learning the essentials of digital production (e.g., graphic design, web design, photography, and film) as well as digital studies (media studies, the impact of technology on society). As technology becomes increasingly intertwined with our everyday lives, it has become increasingly important to possess not only an understanding of computing but to learn how to effectively utilize computer technologies in our professional and personal lives as well as to understand how these same technologies can help shape our lives for better or worse. With a growing number of positions in the field of Information Technology (IT) and a projected shortage of Instructional Technologists, a Digital Humanities concentration can help students become more competitive in the job market.

Choose any five courses from the following list that count toward the Digital Humanities minor:

ART1174: Desktop Publishing
ART/COMM1175: Computer Animation I
ART/COMM1177: Introduction to Digital Media
ART1178: Multimedia on the Internet
ART1179: Digital Illustration and Design
ART1192: Digital Photography I
ART1843: Design for the Web
ART2255: Basics of Computer Animation
ART2275: Computer Animation II
ART1133: History of Photography
CSCI1105: Survey of Computers and Computer Software
CRIM2235: Cyber Crime
ENGR3000: Modern Technologies: Principles, Applications, and Impacts
HUMN2444 Technology and Its Critics
HUMN/INTER3041: Technology and Values
HUMN/SOCI3350: Social Life On and Off the Internet
INFO1101: Computer Concepts and Technology
INFO1201: Information Technology
INFO3205: Digital Media Publishing
INFO2105: Internet and Web Applications
PHIL3310: Human Perspectives in a Computerized Society
SOCI3401: Computers and Society

Other, selected classes may be approved by a Humanities faculty advisor.