American Studies

This 15-credit interdisciplinary minor embracing American history, philosophy, literature, sociology, communication, and political science. This concentration would be ideally suited for students seeking a deeper understanding of American culture and society, as well as an appreciation for the role, place, and perception of the United States in the world.

Choose any five courses from the following list that count toward the American Studies minor:

COMM/ENGL3409: Glory and Shame: America on Film
ECON/HIST2206: Economic History of the United States
ENGL3049: Major American Writers I
ENGL3050: Major American Writers II
ENGL3131: 20th Century American Worker in Literature
ENGL3369: American Literature I
ENGL3370: American Literature II
ENGL3383: Ethnic Literature in the United States
ENGL3388: Regionalism in American Literature
ENVR1205: The Great Pacific Northwest: Environmental Issues and Cultural Perspectives
ENVR1215: The Great Pacific Northwest: Environmental Issues and Cultural Perspectives Laboratory
HIST1114: United States History I
HIST1115: United States History II
HIST2102: Sports in America
HIST2103: New Jersey History
HIST2104: United States Social and Cultural History
HIST2107: U.S. Economic History
HIST2189: Special Topics in U.S. History
HIST3101: American Immigration
HIST3102: Race in America
HIST3103: Gender in America
HIST3104: U.S. Diplomatic History
HIST3105: U.S. Environmental History
HIST3106: Culture and Technology in U.S. History
HIST3107: U.S. Constitutional History
HIST3120: Colonial and Revolutionary America
HIST3121: Age of Jefferson and Jackson
HIST3123: The U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST3129: 20th-Century American History I
HIST3130: 20th-Century American History II
HIST3134: America in the 1950s
HIST3137: Vietnam Conflict
HIST3189: Selected Studies in U.S. History
HIST/POLS3311: The American Presidency
HUMN/PHIL2443: African-American Political Thought
HUMN/PHIL2445: Democracy in America
HUMN2455: American Jazz and the Movement for Civil Rights
HUMN/PHIL2545: The American Mind