African Studies

The African Studies minor is a multidisciplinary program that provides students with opportunities to widen their perspectives and understanding of Africa’s social, political and economic systems and also to deepen their insights into the profound impact of African societies on countries throughout the world.  

The program enables students to acquire the skills needed to engage successfully in a post-graduate degree in African studies. It also prepares them to lead academic and nonacademic organizations (such as NGOs, etc) in an ever-changing global society and particularly in Africa.

Students are required to complete 15 credits of course work including the following: 

Six credits of foundational courses, including

AFST1101     Africa and Africans I: History and Traditions 
AFST1102     Africa and Africans II: Communities and Cultures
AFST____     Elective
AFST____     Elective
AFST____     Elective

Nine credits of electives from a list of courses divided into three main themes: Africa Centered; Africa Diaspora (including African-American Studies); and Africa in the Global Context.