What People are Saying

Testimonials from Students

As a psychologist in practice for over 30 years, I am uncertain whether I will ever practice in a jurisdiction where I can be an independent prescriber. However, I have consistently felt that enrolling in the Fairleigh Dickinson psychopharmacology program is the single best decision I have made in my professional life. Before starting the first semester, I was skeptical when a colleague told me that I would enjoy reading Anatomy and Physiology texts. In fact, while it was challenging, the structure and format of the classes allowed the flexibility to fit the education into my full time practice and ongoing home life in a way that was not only enjoyable, but often even fun. Even during the first semester, I found that my practice was evolving, both in terms of the additional knowledge and understanding that I brought to cases, but also in the range of cases that I was drawn to. I finished the program well prepared for the PEP, and passed it on the first try several months after completing the coursework. In the six years since then, my collaborative relationship and ability to communicate with both primary care providers and psychiatrists has been enhanced, and their respect for my skills and knowledge has been very gratifying. I have recently transitioned from work in a mental health clinic to full time practice as a behavioral health consultant in a primary care clinic. The knowledge, not only about medications, but even more importantly about a wide range of normal and abnormal physiological functioning that I gained from the FDU program has been invaluable.

Stephen F. Seaman, Ph.D., MSCP

To date, the Clinical Psychopharmacology M.S. program offered at FDU has consistently provided both excellent instruction in the course material and a level of personal support that surpasses that which I would expect, even for more traditional, ‘brick and mortar’ programs. I am very impressed with the caliber of the education being offered and would highly recommend this program to professionals interested in expanding their expertise to include prescription rights.”

Elizabeth Halper, Ph.D.

FDU's program was excellent preparation for my work as a prescriber. I have been practicing as a Medical Psychologist for 3 years and use the training experiences I gained with my MSCP daily.

Dr. M. Hunter Hansen

The knowledge gained from all of the classes at FDU has increased not only my insight into psychopharmacology; it has also been tremendously helpful to me as I work with individuals with significant mental health symptoms. Understanding how psychotropic medications interact with other medications as well as herbal products is knowledge that is priceless, and it goes a long way toward understanding the clients’ problems and ensuring effective diagnosis. To say the least, I have even become personally more careful in my use of herbal remedies for simple ailments such as cold or flu because of my growing knowledge of how these herbal products are metabolized in the body. I recommend the classes for all psychologists who are interested in best practices in the field of psychology. Psychology is moving beyond assessment and diagnosis to effective treatment that embraces both medication prescription and management.

Angela Egbikuadje

I can only think of good things about the program. The knowledge is great and the dedication of the professors is also very good. As students it is important to be really committed to study and work hard if you want to remember all the information given. If you can, please make an effort and complete the practical supervision which seals the program and your knowledge with golden letters.

Rosie Buse

The psychopharmacology program offered at FDU helps students to prepare both academically and professionally. The program increases your knowledge, skills, and competence in this field. The instructors in the program do more than teach, they mentor students in this field. They challenge students to apply information so we can learn to conceptualize cases and develop treatment plans that consider psychopharmacological interventions. I personally feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this program.

Anna Marie Medina, PhD

I am a psychologist in an area of the country where psychologists are available, but psychiatrists are not. I entered the Psychopharm program understanding that it was not likely my state would be at the forefront for allowing psychologists to prescribe, and also understanding the significant need to provide information regarding psychopharmacology to patients, students, and local physicians. My goal was not to take on the role of a psychiatrist, but rather to provide a bridge through which treatment efforts could and would be maximized. Since beginning the program, I have seen significant growth in the program, the program’s recognition, and in my own role as a provider. I gained knowledge that has served to spark the desire for additional understanding of the interface between psychology and other professions. Physicians are more open to discussing treatment suggestions because I am able to better understand their fields and their decisions. With the Post Doc MS degree, I am extremely marketable and much more confident in my role as a treatment provider.

Donna Fleitas, PhD

The FDU program provided me a clear path to licensure as a prescribing psychologist in NM. It was definitely worth the investment.

Stephen L. Cheshire, PhD 
Conditional Prescribing Psychologist

Completion of the FDU postdoctoral master’s degree program in clinical psychopharmacology vastly increased my comprehension of psychology and of the intersection we share with medicine. My patients are much better served as a result of the training. I now routinely think of diagnostic and treatment possibilities that I did not learn on the way to a Ph.D. Although I have yet to sit for the PEP, the training I received while an FDU student was well worth the investment in time, money, and agony.

Martha M. Kennon

I have found my experience in the psychopharmacology program very rewarding. I have been able to learn information that is at the forefront of psychiatry and medicine. With a very in depth understanding of how the human body works and how the medications target systems in the body that modify emotions, behavior, and cognition, I have been able to apply this knowledge in my work with children and adults with mental illness as well as advocate on their behalf in terms of how medication can improve the quality of life.

Delrita Abercrombie,Ph.D.

While I live in a State where RxP is only slowly making its way towards the legislative process, and I completed my RxP training over 5 years ago, the FDU Clinical Psychopharm program couldn't have been more valuable for me personally, professionally, and clinically, from the day I started the curriculum until today. It is rigorous, thorough, and highly recommended regardless of the eventual passing of more and more state RxP legislation (although the continued march towards nationwide RxP is exciting)!

Dr. Rick Barnett