Resources for Psychologists

Existing Prescriptive Authority Laws
The following are links to enacted legislation awarding psychologists prescriptive authority.
Guam Statute: Guam Public Law 24-329, Article 12, Section 121205
This is the full law governing the professions. The section on prescriptive authority for psychologists reads as follows:
§121205. Prescriptive Authority. A clinical psychologist may administer, prescribe and dispense any licensed drug in accordance with 10 GCA §12827 and any other rules and regulation established by the Board.
Indiana Statute: Indiana Code 25-33
Scroll down to Section 1-2(c), which exempts psychologists from restrictions on prescribing if they are in a federal treatment or training program.
New Mexico Statute: New Mexico Administrative Code 16.22.20-16.22.29
Louisiana Statute: Louisiana Revised Statutes 37:1360.51 - 1360.72
Regulations begin in Revised Statutes at 37:1360.61
Illinois Statute: Illinois bill
This law has not yet been implemented

Opinions on Collaboration
A number of state psychology licensing boards have generated statements verifying that discussions of medication are within the scope of practice of psychology. An opinion of this type from your state licensing board offers a level of protection for psychology who consider it in the best interests of their patients to consult with patients and/or their physicians on medications. A current list of such statements is available here. If your state board has generated this type of statement and it’s not included in this document, we would appreciate your bringing it to our attention at mcgrath[at]fdu[dot]edu. If your state board has not generated this type of statement, you may want to share this document with them and request that they do so.
Publications and Presentations
  • McGrath (2010): This article provides a full review of the prescriptive authority movement
  • Muse & McGrath (2010): This article compares minimum required training to prescribe in several professions
  • McGrath & Sammons (2011): This is an article we did on the complementary potential of prescriptive authority and primary care integration for psychologists
  • McGrath (2014): This is a powerpoint I used in a debate about prescriptive authority at the 2014 APA convention. The audience voted and I won.
Prescribing Privileges in the Military
Though the Army, Navy, and Air Force all permit psychologists to prescribe, the process of being credentialed to prescribe can be arduous and confusing. This manual was developed to help with the process. Click here to open our guide to prescribing credentialing in the military.