Program Outcomes

There is a national examination available in psychopharmacology that represents the doorway to licensure to prescribe, called the Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists (PEP). That examination evaluates success in relation to 10 learning objectives:

  1. Integrating clinical psychopharmacology in practice.
  2. Understanding the implications of neuroscience for the action of pharmacological agents.
  3. Developing Nervous System Pathology.
  4. Learning elements of physiology and pathophysiology relevant to prescribing.
  5. Developing an understanding of a biopsychosocial perspective on assessment.
  6. Enhancing skills in differential diagnosis as they relate to psychopharmacological practice.
  7. Developing a knowledge of pharmacology.
  8. Developing an extensive understanding of clinical psychopharmacology.
  9. Understanding research issues in psychopharmacological practice.
  10. Understanding professional issues specific to involvement in psychopharmacology.