Apply Now for MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Application Requirements

The M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology was developed for individuals licensed at the doctoral level as psychologists. If you are an unlicensed psychologist, or a licensed health care provider in some other field or at the master’s level, or would like to just take specific courses, please contact us at msclinpharm[at]fdu[dot]edu to discuss your options.

To begin courses in September, please send your application by July 15. To begin courses in January, please send your application by November 15. We recommend beginning courses in September.

The application in PDF format is available for download.

Psychologists and other healthcare professionals desiring to participate in individual courses should contact us rather than completing the application.

Minimum Computer Requirements


Desktop, Laptop or Portable with Pentium II 300 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, 2 GB Free Hard Drive Space, Broadband Internet Access.


Windows XP or higher, MS Office 97 or higher, Email Address, Internet Browser, Java Plugin, Windows Media Player, Real Media Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Students are required to have a computer meeting or surpassing the minimum requirements. Substitutions are possible so long as they are equivalent in their ability to work with files.