How long does it take to complete the program?
The program is 60 credits and typically takes 3 years to complete. In the first two years of the program, students take four courses each semester (several include applied work at practicum sites). In the third year of the program, students complete a 1200 hour externship. Students must also successfully pass a Comprehensive Examination and the PRAXIS exam.
Can I transfer any credit into the program?
Usually no more than 6 graduate credits taken at another institution can be applied to this program. Students are allowed to take up to 9 credits at FDU as a "non-matriculating" student. If this is done, and the student is accepted into the school psychology program as a full-time student, all 9 credits could be counted toward the program if they meet the program requirements.
When are classes taught?
Classes are generally taught two evenings a week, from 4:00 - 9:00 PM. On occasion and with advance notice, students are required to complete practicum activities during the school day. However many students work full-time (often in school setting) and are sucessfully able to complete course requirements.  
Are classes taught in the summer?
Some classes are offered over the summer, although there is no guarantee that specific courses will be offered. The typical MA/Certification student is not required to take summer classes but may do so by own choice. The vast majority of classes that MA/Certification students take are only offered during fall or spring semesters.
Must I write a thesis?
No. You must pass a Comprehensive Examination but the MA/Certification program does not have a thesis requirement.
Can I enroll in the program as a part time student?
Yes, although it is not recommended or encouraged. Because our students follow a set schedule of course work, and because many courses have prerequisites, a part time student often becomes "out-of-sequence." Taking classes part time can result in a semester in which no classes are available to take.
Am I required to work in schools while I take classes?
Yes. As part of the practicum portion of several classes, you are expected to work in public school settings. The program faculty will assist you in securing a practicum placement and many opportunities are provided for you to acquire additional practicum hours, such as working in an after-school program and providing parent training to parents of childeren with reading difficulties. These requirements are an integral part of the educational process and provide each student with "real life" experiences to supplement what is being taught in classes.