Program Outcomes

The School Psychology Programs (MA/Cert and Psy.D.) adhere to the recommended APA and NASP guidelines and objectives with specifically developed assessments corresponding to the specified objectives.

  1. Students will obtain and apply knowledge of varied models and methods of assessment that can be used to identify strengths and needs in understanding problems and monitoring progress.
  2. Students will obtain and apply knowledge of behavioral, mental health and collaborative consultation.
  3. Students will obtain knowledge of human learning processes and differential learning needs together with the implementation of appropriate strategies addressing strengths and needs of students.
  4. Students will obtain knowledge of human development process, to assess the process and to provide direct and indirect services appropriate to presenting needs.
  5. Students will obtain knowledge of individual differences and the development of cultural competence, recognizing the importance of context on academic health and mental health of individuals.
  6. Students will obtain knowledge of general education, special education and related services and to understand schools as complex social systems.
  7. Students will obtain knowledge of and to implement evidence based services for prevention, crisis intervention and psychological intervention to promote mental health and physical well-being of students.
  8. Students will attain knowledge of research, statistics and evaluation methods and a demonstration of the application of those skills.
  9. Students will obtain knowledge and demonstrate in practice the best practices of the profession of school psychology including ethical, legal and professional standards and engaging in practices reflecting social justice and cultural competence.