M.A./Certification in School Psychology

  1. Satisfactory completion of 60 credits in the courses approved for the school psychology program.
  2. Students receiving two or more grades below B– in any graduate course will be placed on academic probation with the possibility of a reduced course load for the next regular semester. Students receiving a concurrent or subsequent third grade below B– will not be permitted to continue in the program. Maintaining a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of less than 3.2 for two consecutive years may also lead to termination from the program.
  3. Upon completion of 36 graduate credits, students must pass a Comprehensive Examination, which examines general knowledge of psychology and a school psychology specialty subsection.
  4. Students must complete an 1200-hour externship in a school or school-related setting under the supervision of a certified school psychologist.
  5. Students will be dropped from the program for engaging in unethical or criminal behavior (plagiarism, cheating, violation of APA or NASP ethical guidelines, University policy, governmental law, harassment or endangering the welfare of a child).
  6. Students encountering serious psychological adjustment problems will be advised to seek professional counseling. If the problems are not ameliorated, the student may be asked to leave the program.
The recommended courses are:
1st Semester

PSYC6651     Ethics and Professional Practice in Schools and School Psychology
PSYC7819     Introduction to School Learning Problems
PSYC6121     Statistics
PSYC6111     Theories of Personality

2nd Semester

PSYC6129     Research Methods & Psychometrics
PSYC7124     Developmental Child & Adolescent Psychology
PSYC6115     Child Psychopathology
PSYC7820     Psychology of the Teaching/Learning Process

3rd Semester

PSYC7615     Child Assessment I with practicum
PSYC7815     Child Assessment II with practicum
EDUC6743     Introduction to Teaching the Exceptional Child in School/Community
PSYC8910     School-based Consultation with practicum
COMPREHENSIVE EXAM (28-36 credits completed) & Spring Evaluation

4th Semester

PSYC8815     Child Assessment III with practicum
EDUC6702     Curriculum and Instruction: Theory & Practice
PSYC7825     Child Neuropsychology
PSYC8725     Prevention & Intervention with Children & Adolescents

NOTE: School Psychology PRAXIS exam taken at the end of second year.
5th Semester

PSYC9110     School Community Mental Health
EDUC7721     Philosophy of Education
PSYC8922     Externship in School Psychology I (600-hour)

6th Semester

PSYC8923     Externship in School Psychology II (600-hour)

Total credits (60 credits)