BA/MA Accelerated Program in Forensic Psychology

The School of Psychology offers an Accelerated program leading to Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Forensic Psychology.  This program is designed for talented, highly motivated students who are seeking specialized forensic training at the Master's level, in addition to their undergraduate education in psychology. In contrast to the traditional six-year path towards completion of both Bachelor's and Master's degrees, students in the Accelerated program complete all requirements for graduation in five years. As with the 36 month Master's in Forensic Psychology program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, this Accelerated program prepares students for master's-level forensic jobs (e.g., in juvenile/adult court clinics, penal settings, law enforcement, research departments or forensic psychiatric settings) and the background for further advanced graduate training in forensic psychology. Students may apply to the Accelerated program directly from high school or at the beginning of their junior year of their undergraduate studies.

This program,  leading to a master’s degree in forensic psychology, allows students to complete the typical B.A./M.A. course sequence in five years, rather than the usual 5 ½ years of full-time study.   

Typically, students completing the BA and MA programs independently are required to take 164 credits (120 for the BA and 36 for the MA in Forensic Psychology). The accelerated B.A./M.A. program reduces the number of required credits from 164 to 149.  Pursued full time, this accelerated degree program can be completed in five years.