R.N. to B.S.N. to M.S.N (Forensics Track)

Upon completion of an Associate Degree and passage of the NCLEX examination, FDU will award a minimum of sixty-six credits toward an accelerated Bachelor (BSN) and Master (MSN) of Science in Nursing degrees. The remaining courses needed to complete the degree requirements are outlined below
General education Requirements (29 credits)

College Requirements (23 credits)

CSCI1105       Computers and Software 
PSYC2201      Statistics 
HIST____       History Elective
ENGL____     Literature Elective
PHED____     Physical Education
PHED____     Physical Education
NURS____     Nursing Elective
Free Elective

University Requirements (6 credits)

UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives 
UNIV2002       Global Issues     

Major Requirements (54 credits)

NURS2200     Health Assessment I
NURS2201     Lab: Health Assessment I
NURS3208     Into to Healthcare Economics
NURS3209     Bioethics 
NURS3371     The Professional Nurse in the 21st Century 
NURS4410     Community Health Nursing 
NURS4420     Health Care Management 
NURS4430     Critique and Utilization of Nursing Research 
NURS6600*    Introduction to Advanced Nursing Practice:Philosophy & Theories
NURS6615*   Advanced  Pharmacology
NURS6620     Advanced Nursing I: Health Assessment Theory 
NURS6621     Advanced Practice Nursing I: Health Assessment Practicum
NURS6680    Primary Care I 
NURS6681    Primary Care I Practicum
NURS7701     Adv Nursing Research
NURS7702*    Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS7728     Primary Care II
NURS7729    Primary Care II Practicum
NURS7794    Family Primary Care I Pediatrics 
NURS7795     Family Primary Care I Practicum
NURS7810     Primary Care III Practicum
NURS7811     Family Primary Care II Prac
NURS7812     Family Systems
NURS7752     Master’s Project  

*Serves as partial fulfillment of BSN and MSN programs

Forensics Nursing Specialization (12 credits)

CRIM7065     Crime/Victimology/Social Justice 
CRIM6005     Advanced Criminological Theory
CRIM7020     Ethics, Politics and Justice 
PSYC6231    Psych Bases of Crim Behavior

A minimum of 128 credits is required for graduation for the BSN degree. Students must complete 42 credits of graduate coursework to earn the MSN degree.