Post-Baccalaureate MSN-DNP

58 credits and 1065 clinical hours

Required MSN Courses (22 credits)

NURS6620/6621     Advanced Health Assessment
NURS6615     Advanced Pharmacology
NURS7702     Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS6682/6683- Primary Care I – Lecture and Clinical
NURS7735/7736-Primary Care II – Lecture and Clinical
NURS7759/7760-Primary Care III -Lecture and Clinical

***Student takes APN exam***

CORE Courses (24 credits)

NURS8000     Research I: Research Methodology
NURS8001     Applied Statistics
NURS8002     Health Care Delivery Systems  and Public Policy 
NURS8003     Health Disparities:  Social, Ethical, Legal Issues  
NURS8004     Research II: Evidence-Based Research
NURS8007     Scientific basis for DNP Practice
NURS8008     Information Systems for Health Care
NURS8009     Global Health:  Epidemiology and Genomics  

Speciality Courses(12 credits)

NURS8010     Health Quality Assessment & Outcomes
NURS8011     Leadership/Organizational Analysis
NURS8012     DNP Role Development & Entrepreneurship 
NURS8013     Residency
NURS8014     Residency II  
NURS8015     Capstone Project Advisement
Residency       500 hours