Nursing Information Systems

Nursing Information Systems Specialists are able to combine their knowledge of computer science, information systems, and nursing science to assist in the management and processing of nursing data, information, and knowledge to support nursing practice and to improve the delivery of nursing care.

Nursing Core (8 credits)

NURS 6600     Intro to Adv. Nursing Philosophies, Theories, Roles & Issues
NURS 7701     Theory Development and Advanced Research
NURS 7752     Master’s Project

Nursing Information Systems Specialization (12 credits)

NURS 6640     Nursing Information Systems & Applications
NURS 7740     Nursing Informatics Roles and Theory
NURS 7741     Project Management
NURS 7745     Practicum in Nursing Informatics

Support Courses: (9 credits) (select 3 courses)

CSCI 5505     Introduction to Computer Programming
CSCI 5525     Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 6720     Management Information Systems (Pre-requisite CSCI 5525)
CSCI 6733     Decision Support Systems (pre-requisite CSCI 6720)

Elective Courses: (3 credits) (select 1 course)

NURS 7600     Nursing Leadership Experience
NURS 7602     Evidence-based Practice Experience
NURS 7705     Education and Learning Theory
NURS 7746     Practicum in Nursing Informatics II

Total credits (32 credits)