MSN in Nursing Education

The Nursing Educator MSN program prepares nurses as teachers in collegiate programs, in associate or bachelor’s degree nursing education. Students acquire knowledge and skills in teaching that enables them to work effectively with students, parents, patients, and consumers. Students complete a preceptor teaching practicum that is individually tailored to student goals and exposes them to all aspects of the faculty academic and clinical teaching roles.

Available in Classroom or Online

The MSN in Nursing Education degree is available fully online, providing an opportunity for those whose schedule and/or distance from FDU campuses would otherwise limit their options. Use the AVAILABLE ONLINE button to request information specifically about pursuing this MSN online program.

Degree Requirements for MSN in Nursing Education

(33 credits)

Nursing Core (8 credits)

NURS6600     Intro to Adv. Nursing Philosophies, Theories, Roles & Issues
NURS7701     Theory Development and Advanced Research
NURS7752     Master's Seminar

Advanced Nursing Educator Role (25 credits)

NURS7702     Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS6615     Advanced Pharmacology
NURS7705     Educational and Learning Theory
NURS7706     Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education
NURS7713     Curriculum Development and Theory
NURS7714     Outcome Assessment
NURS7717     Teaching Practicum
NURS7771     Seminar in Nursing Education
NURS6620     Advanced Health Assessment Theory
NURS6621     Advanced Health Assessment Practicum

The curriculum consists of eight (8) credits CORE requirements and twenty five (25) credits of specialized focus, for a total of 33 credits.