Family Nurse Practitioner

Graduates of the Family Nurse Practitioner program will be qualified to diagnose and treat clients across the lifespan with a wide variety of illnesses. Students graduate with an advanced practice nursing MSN degree and are eligible to take the family nurse practitioner certification exam (AANP or ANCC) to become certified in the field.

Degree Requirements

Total Clinical Hours: 640, (37 credits)

Nursing Core (8 credits)

NURS6600     Intro. to Adv. Nursing Philosophies, Theories, Roles & Issues
NURS7701     Theory Development and Advanced Research
NURS7752     Master’s Project

Advanced Nursing Practice (29 credits)

NURS7702     Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS6620     Advanced Health Assessment
NURS6621     Advanced Health Assessment: Practicum
NURS6615     Advanced Pharmacology
NURS6682     Advanced Nursing: Primary Care I
NURS6683     Advanced Nursing: Primary Care I Practicum
NURS7735     Advanced Nursing: Primary Care II
NURS7736     Advanced Nursing: Primary Care II Practicum
NURS7794     Advanced Nursing: Family Primary Care I
NURS7795     Advanced Nursing: Family Primary Care I: Practicum
NURS7810     Advanced Nursing: Family Primary Care II
NURS7811     Advanced Nursing: Family Primary Care II: Practicum
NURS7812     Family Systems

Graduate curriculum plan example

Fall semester, academic year 1 (6 credits)

  • NURS6600 Intro Adv Nursing (3)
  • NURS7702 Adv Patho (3)

Spring semester, academic year 1 (6 credits)

  • NURS6615 Adv Pharm (3)
  • NURS7812 Family Systems (3)

Summer semester, academic year 1 (4 credits)

  • NURS6620 Adv Health Assess (2)
  • NURS6621 Adv Health Assess (2)

Fall semester, academic year 2 (7 credits)

  • NURS7701 Adv Research EBP (3
  • NURS6682 Adult Primary Care I (3)
  • NURS6683 Adult Primary Care I Practicum (1)

Spring semester, academic year 2 (6 credits)

  • NURS7752 Masters Project (2)
  • NURS7735 Adult Primary Care II (3)
  • NURS7736 Adult Primary Care II Practicum (1)

Summer semester, academic year 2 (4 credits)

  • NURS7794 Family Primary Care I (3)
  • NURS7795 Family Primary Care Practicum (1)

Fall semester, academic year 3 (4 credits)

  • NURS7810 Family Primary Care II (3)
  • NURS7811 Family Primary Care II Practicum (1)