B.S. in Nursing at Florham

MS Nursing at Florham

You are welcome to meet with a faculty member, tour our facilities or observe a nursing class. For additional program information, please contact us.

Dr. Marycarol Rossignol

Associate Director
Nursing programs at Florham
Phone: 973-443-8236

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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a professional degree program, preparing graduates to become registered nurses. Nursing courses are challenging, as students are taught the nursing process, nursing assessment and critical thinking skills, which will enable them to act independently while caring for others.

The undergraduate Nursing program at the Florham campus is now enrolling first-time freshmen and transfer students. Nursing classes start in spring of the freshman year for first-time freshmen, highlighted by clinical rotations that begin in the sophomore year in a variety of health care facilities. Specialty areas studied include medical-surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing, nursing care of children and families, women’s health nursing, rehabilitative nursing and community health nursing. Most nursing courses are offered during the daytime, although many of the required and elective liberal arts courses are also available in the evening.

Faculty members in the School of Nursing are leaders in the field involved in nursing research and advanced clinical practice.  Nursing classes are held in modern facilities and small class size is maintained, encouraging students to communicate freely with instructors and peers.  Individualized advisement assists students in choosing the most suitable courses throughout the program.

4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum (Florham Campus)

General Education Requirements (56 credits)

College Competencies (24 Credits)
ENGW1001 Composition I: Rhetoric and Inquiry
ENGW1002 Composition II:Research and Argument
Oral Communication 
SPCH1107 Fundamentals of Speech
Quantitative Analysis
MATH1105 College Algebra 
Ethical & Moral Analysis 
NURS3209 Bioethics
Scientific Analysis
BIOL2203/BIOL2223 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & Lab 
BIOL2204/BIOL2224 Human Anatomy and Physiology II & Lab

Liberal Arts Requirements (24 Credits)
BIOL2125/BIOL2126 Microbiology for Health Sciences & Lab
CHEM1107/CHEM1117 Chemistry for Health Sciences & Lab 
CSCI1145 Computers and Computing 
PSYC1201 General Psychology I 
PSYC2210 Psych Statistics 
SPAN2001 Spanish for Medical Personnel
Free Elective

University Requirements (8 Credits)
UNIV1001 Transitioning to Univ. Life 
UNIV1002 Preparing for Professional Life 
UNIV2001 Cross Cultural Perspective 
UNIV2002 Global Issues

Major Requirements (64 credits)

NURS1101 Preview of Professional Nursing
NURS2003 Fundamentals of Nursing I 
NURS2004 Fundamentals of Nursing II 
NURS2005 Professional Communication Skills: Individual, Family & Groups
NURS2007 Pharmacotherapeutics
NURS2200 Health Assessment
NURS2210 Pathophysiology
NURS3208 Healthcare Economics
NURS3300 Medical-Surgical Nursing I 
NURS3310 Psychiatric Nursing 
NURS3320 Women’s Health Nursing
NURS3340 Nursing Care of the Child and Family 
NURS4410 Community Health Nursing
NURS4420 Health Care Management 
NURS4430 Nursing Research 
NURS4440 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 
NURS4460 Preparation for Success 

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.