B.S./M.S. in Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Conc.)

The University offers a five-year program that allows qualified students to attain a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and a Master of Science degree in chemistry with a pharmaceutical chemistry concentration.

1st Semester (16 credits)

BIOL1251/BIOL1253     General Biology I & Lab
CHEM1201     General Chemistry I
CHEM1203     General Chemistry I Lab
MATH1201     Calculus I
ENWR1101     Academic Writing
UNIV1001       Transitioning to University Life

2nd semester (16 credits)

BIOL1252/BIOL1254     General Biology II & Lab
CHEM1202     General Chemistry II
CHEM1204     General Chemistry II Lab
MATH2202     Calculus II
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life

3rd Semester (15 credits)

CHEM2261     Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2263     Organic Chemistry I Lab
PHYS2203     University Physics I
PHYS2201     General Physics Lab I
1Humanities Elective
UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives 

4th Semester (15 credits)

CHEM2262     Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2264     Organic Chemistry Lab II
PHYS2204     University Physics II
PHYS2202     General Physics Lab II
UNIV2002       Global Issues
1Humanities Elective

5th Semester (14 credits)

CHEM3281     Biochemistry I
CHEM3241     Physical Chemistry I
CHEM3243     Physical Chemistry Lab I
5Advanced Math Course
2Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective

6th Semester (14 credits)

CHEM3242     Physical Chemistry II
CHEM3244     Physical Chemistry Lab II
7Free Elective
6Science Elective
3Speech/Prof Communication Elective

7th Semester (16 credits)

CHEM2211     Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM3231     Analytical Chemistry
CHEM3232     Analytical Chemistry Lab
8Pharm Chem Requirement (6 credits)
BIOL4405     4Ethics in Science

8th Semester (14 credits)

CHEM4233     Instrumental Analysis
CHEM4234     Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHEM4314     Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM3314     Inorganic Chem Lab II
8Pharm Chem Requirement
8Graduate Elective

9th Semester (12 credits)

8Pharmaceutical Chemistry Requirements (6 credits)
8Pharmaceutical Chemistry Elective
8Graduate Elective

10th semester (12 credits)

8Pharmaceutical Chemistry Requirement
8Pharmaceutical Chemistry Elective
8Graduate Elective  (6 credits)


WRITTEN COMMUNICATION:  ENWR1101 and 1102 will satisfy this requirement.

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS:  MATH 1201 and 2202 will satisfy this requirement.

1HUMANITIES:  Take six credits of any course that has the prefix ENGL, HIST, HUMN, LANG, PHIL, or RELI, or the following ART courses:  ART1103, 1107, 1108, 1120, 1131, 1133, 1135, 1136, 1137, 2137, and 2238. Courses may be within the same discipline or different disciplines, but either way at least one course must be at the 2000 level or above.

2SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES:  Take three credits of coursework in COMM, CRIM, POLS, PSYC or SOCI.

3SPEECH/PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION:  Requirements consist of a three-credit Speech course.

4ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS:  Students must take BIOL4405 Ethics in Science to satisfy this requirement.

ART AND CULTURE:  This requirement is waived as it will be satisfied by UNIV2002 Global Issues.

SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS:  This requirement will be satisfied by BIOL1251 and 1252.


5ADVANCED MATHEMATICS COURSE:  Select one course, three credits, from the following:                                       

MATH2203        Calculus III                                                        3 credits                                                          

MATH2337        Applied Statistics for Scientists                          3 credits

6SCIENCE ELECTIVE:  Any upper-level (3000 or 4000) undergraduate or graduate science course or Independent Study.

7FREE ELECTIVE:  May be chosen from any courses offered at the University after consultation with an advisor. (Student may not take BIOL1101 -1102.)

8GRADUATE COURSE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BS AND MS DEGREES:  Students should consult with their advisors for course selections and new course offerings.

Required Courses: eighteen (18) credits from the following:      

CHEM6673     Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM6781     Biochemistry
CHEM6755     Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM7737     Analysis of Pharmaceuticals
CHEM6754     Drug Delivery Systems

One of the following:
COMM6002     Effective Presentations
COMM6005     Technical Writing
COMM6007     Writing Proposals
COMM6020     Health Communication

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Electives (6 credits): Any 5000 or higher level Marketing (MKTG), Management (MGMT), Pharmaceutical Chem (PHAR), Communication (COMM, CCOM), Math (MATH), Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), or Cosmetic Science (COSC) course.

Graduate Major Electives (9 credits): Any 5000 or higher level CHEM, COSC or BIOL course.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for the BS degree, and a minimum of an additional 24 graduate credits is required for the MS degree, for a total of 144 credits for the combined degree.