QUEST Elementary & Special Education (BS/MAT) - B.S. in Biology

Science Core Requirements (24 credits)

BIOL1251       General Biology I
BIOL1252       General Biology II
BIOL1253       General Biology I Lab
BIOL1254       General Biology I Lab
CHEM1201    General Chemistry I
CHEM1203    General Chemistry Lab I
CHEM1202    General Chemistry II
CHEM1204    General Chemistry Lab II
PHYS2201     Physics Laboratory I
PHYS2202     Physics Laboratory II
PHYS2203     University Physics I
PHYS2204     University Physics II

Major Concentration (31-32 credits)

BIOL2210/BIOL2211     Genetics & Lab
BIOL2250/BIOL2150      Ecology & Field Biology and Lab  (or)
BIOL2300       Experimental Design
BIOL3225/BIOL3226     General Microbiology & Lab
BIOL2237/BIOL2239     Human Structure & Function and Lab
BIOL4240/BIOL4241     Molecular Cell Biology & Lab
BIOL4420     Evolution
BIOL4432     Selected Studies in Biology (or)
BIOL6900/BIOL6901      Biology Seminar I & II 
CHEM3281  Biochemistry I

University Requirements (8 credits)

UNIV1001       Transitioning to University Life
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life
UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives 
UNIV2002       Global Issues         

Math/Comp Science Requirements (8 credits)

MATH____     Math Sequence (8 credits)

Liberal Art/Humanities/Social Science Requirements (21 credits)

BIOL4405       Ethics in Science
ENWR1101    Academic Writing
ENWR1102    Academic Research & Writing
__________  Humanities Elective
PSYC1103     General Psychology
PSYC2204     Child Development (or)
PSYC3305     Adolescent Growth & Development 
SPCH____     Speech/Prof Communication Elective

Elementary & Special Education Courses (45 credits)

Year 1

EDUC1108    Seminar in Professional Practice I
EDUC2401    Field Experience I
EDUC2206    Foundations of Special Education

Year 2

EDUC2204    Survey of students w/Special Needs 
EDUC2205    Classroom Management
EDUC2209    Seminar in Professional Practice II
EDUC2402    Field Experience II
EDUC3309    Seminar in Professional Practice III

Year 3

EDUC3403   Field Experience III
EDUC6818*  Language Development & Literacy I
EDUC6819*  Language Development & Literacy II
EDUC7763*  Human Relations and Conflict Resolution

Year 4

EDUC3404    Field Experience IV
EDUC6792    Assistive Technology in the Inclusive Clasroom
EDUC6797    Multisensory Math Instruction
EDUC6820*  Problem-Based Strategies in Elementary Education
EDUC6893*  Evaluation and Measurement in Education

* Graduate Education Courses for dual credit.

Note: please refer to the Biology page for the specific general education and major requirements.

Initial Certification

Students in the QUEST/TSD program must maintain a CGPA ≥ 3.0. Students must satisfy all core requirements and specific departmental requirements for their liberal arts/science major in order to be eligible for a baccalaureate degree. Students in the QUEST/TSD Program must major in a liberal arts/science discipline and will complete 40 credits as a concentration in elementary or special education. Fifteen of the 40 education credits are “dual” credits that count toward the completion of both the BA/BS and the MAT degree. A minimum of 128-145 credits are required to complete a BA/BS degree. Students who are unable to complete the required courses as undergraduates will complete them in year 5, or additional time, if needed. QUEST/TSD students who complete 15 graduate credits in their undergraduate program must complete a minimum of an additional 25 graduate credits (total of 40 graduate credits) to earn their Masters degree. All students enrolled in QUEST/TSD must meet each semester with their QUEST/TSD advisor to plan for and review FDU program requirements as well as State certification requirements. Students who have not taken a biology, hygiene, physiology or substance abuse course must take the State approved Health Examination to fulfill this certification requirement. Prior to Field Experience IV, a passing score on the Praxis is required.

QUEST Fifth Year Course Outline Elementary & Special Education Certification Track

EDUC6575 Apprenticeship Teaching (6)

EDUC6747 Multisensory Reading Instruction(3)

EDUC6750 Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom (3)

EDUC6793 Education of Students with Moderate & Severe Disabilities (3)

EDUC6825 Apprenticeship Teaching Seminar (2)

EDUC7812 Final Project (2)

In order to complete the Master of Arts in Teaching program in 5 years, some students may need to take courses in summer and winter sessions in Years 2-5 depending upon their particular program requirements and approval of their QUEST/TSD and Liberal Arts/Science advisors.

QUEST students may attend the study abroad program at FDU Wroxton, England in their junior year. Study in Wroxton might necessitate taking other required courses over a summer semester.