This curriculum is designed for students who plan to attend graduate school and for students who wish to prepare for admission to a school of medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, osteopathy, podiatry, veterinary medicine or chiropractic, as well as those not planning to take an advanced degree in biology.

Students should consult the catalog of the school they plan to attend in order to include in their undergraduate programs any special prerequisites not included in the biology curriculum. The preprofessional adviser helps students prepare for entrance into their desired professions.

Premedical Students

Entrance credits vary, but most medical schools require three or four years of college. The biological sciences curriculum fulfills the basic requirements for admission to medical school. The Medical College Admission Test of American Medical Colleges also is required by medical schools.

Predental Students

The majority of the students accepted into dental school have completed at least three years of undergraduate work. The college study must include, as a minimum, at least two semesters' credit in each of the following: English, biology, physics, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Lectures and laboratory work are required in the science courses. The rest of the work may be in the liberal arts electives such as history, philosophy, psychology, economics, English, foreign languages, mathematics and sociology.

Preprofessional Degree Option

The Preprofessional Degree Option may be considered by students accepted into any medical or dental school after completion of three years of college; consult the index for requirements. Preprofessional advisement is done by the school director, faculty and the preprofessional adviser.

Combined BS-MS in Biology

Qualified biology majors in the fifth semester, with departmental approval, may plan a program to complete the requirements for a Master of Science degree in one additional year beyond their bachelor's program.

Admission Requirements

For matriculation in the biology major curriculum, successful completion of secondary school courses in elementary algebra and plane geometry and a year of science and required.

Program Coordinator

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