SOE Faculty & Staff

Singer, Miriam
Director, Associate Professor; Ed.D., Seton Hall University
Phone:  (201) 692-2853
Teaching: Teacher Preparation, student success, student retention
Research: Data analysis for program improvement: student with disabilities
Ado, Kathryn
Associate Professor; Ed.D., Columbia University
Phone:  (973)443-8345
Teaching: Undergraduate education seminars, graduate courses in secondary literacy instruction and urban education
Research: new teacher attrition and retention, teacher preparation and induction, school change in urban environments, and blended learning in K-12 settings
Aronoff, Daniel
Deputy Director, Lecturer; M.A., Seton Hall University
Phone:   (973) 443-8346 or  (201) 692-2828
Teaching: Educational Leadership Courses
Farrell, Mary Lupiani
Ph.D. Professor, School of Education Director, Center for Dyslexia Studies; University Director,
Regional Center for College students with LD
Phone:  (201) 692-2298
Teaching & Research: Learning disabilities, dyslexia, remediation of reading disabilities
Hansen, Nicole
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Delaware 
Phone: (201) 692-2312
Teaching: Courses in special education
Research: Mathematics learning and learning disabilities
Joshi, Khyati
Professor; Ed.D., University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Phone:  (201) 692-2826
Teaching: Multicultural education, Final Project and Urban education
Research: Multicultural education
Karpinski, Carol
Professor; Director, M.A.T.; Ed.D. Rutgers University
Phone:  (201) 692-2838
Teaching: Assessment courses, student teaching seminar
Research: Leadership, teacher unions, history of education, assessment
Meskin, Leslie
Coordinates Literacy Reading Specialist Program
Lecturer; Ed.D., Rutgers University
Phone:  (201) 692-2201
Teaching: Literacy courses
Research: Reading and writing.
Montani, Teresa
Director, Associate Professor, Learning Disabilities; Ed.D., Rutgers University
Phone:  (201) 692-2837
Research: Assessment of learning disabilities, mathematical disabilities in young children
Ray, Louis
Associate Professor; Ph.D., New York University
Phone:  (201) 692-2849 or  (973) 443-8375
Teaching: Human Relations and Conflict Resolution, Evaluation and Measurement, Final Project;
Research: History of Education, history of higher education
Randall Westbrook 
Lecturer: Ed.D., Rutgers University
Phone:  (973) 443-8382
Teaching: Professional development; Philosophy of Education
Research: History of Educational Thought; Philosophy of Education

Professional & Administrative Staff

Debren, Allen
Director, Instructional Technology
Phone:  (201) 692-2631
Elkins, Cynthia
Assessment Coordinator, Ed.D., Columbia University
Phone: (201) 692-2079
Casadevall, JoAnn
Assistant to Director
Phone: (973) 443-8375
Harper, Milton
Administrative Assistant
Phone; (201) 692-2862
Martone, Vincent
Director of Certification and Field Placement, M.A., Jersey City State College
Phone: (201) 692-2085
Graham, Linette
Assistant to Director, M.P.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
Phone: (201) 692-2836
Alkhalili, Michelle
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (201) 692-2085