Literacy/Reading Specialist FDU Certificate

FDU's 18-credit LRS Certificate will provide K-12 classroom teachers with a concentration of courses that will extend their knowledge and skills in language arts, literacy and reading, as well as in applications of effective strategies in their classrooms to enhance student literacy as a foundation for all other content areas and learning.  However, candidates interested in New Jersey State Endorsement should click on the link for New Jersey State Literacy/Reading Specialist & Supervisor Endorsement/Certification.

Literacy/Reading Specialist FDU Certificate (18 credits)

EDUC6673     Integrating Literacy and Technology across the Curriculum
EDUC6605     Foundations in Reading I
EDUC6606     Foundations in Reading II
EDUC6607     Diagnosis of Reading Problems
EDUC6666     Supervised Practicum in Correction of Reading Problems
EDUC6582     Distance Learning & Children’s Literature

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