Instructional Technology Specialist FDU Certificate

School of Education offers a K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate Program (ITSC) for educators interested in specializing in the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. Students may select to take only the 18 credits leading to the Instructional Technology Certificate or apply these credits to the 36-credit Master of Arts for Certified Teachers (MACT). 12 of these additional credits lead to the New Jersey Supervisor License.

ITSC Students learn to:

  • Create cutting-edge curricula featuring seamless technology integration.
  • Strategically plan for the continuous growth of technology integration in the school and classroom.
  • Take a leadership role in the initiation and assessment of new learning strategies which support state and national standards.

The Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate Program (ITSC) curriculum is designed to accommodate both K-12 teachers as well as educators who have technology leadership roles in their schools or districts.

An option is available for offering  ITSC  off-campus in school districts with appropriate technology facilities. This Certificate appears reduced tuition rates provided by the University as part of their commitment to continuing professional development for teachers.

Instruction Technology Specialist Certificate (18 credits)

EDUC6584     Computers as a Teacher's Aid: Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC6673     Integrating Literacy & Technology Across the Curriculum
EDUC7784     Multimedia Production
EDUC7785     Internet for Educators
EDUC7790     Seminar in Instructional Technology
EDUC7796     Projects Based on the Web
EDUC7798     Special Topics in Instructional Technology

* Course also meets core requirements for the M.A. in Education degree.
For students selecting to complete the Master of Arts in Education for certified teachers, EDUC6584 is included in the core 18 credits and all other courses are taken. Courses are regularly offered which feature technology integration. One of these other courses may be substituted for completion of the certificate with approval from advisor.
Instructors are knowledgeable in the latest research and innovations in instructional technology and represent a broad range of experience in P-12 schools and various professional roles in the fields of education and technology. Instructors bring to each course a wealth of knowledge, skills and practical information related to technology integration in schools and classrooms, including distance-learning technologies, multi-media, and web enhanced courses.