The Lee Gildart and Oswald Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering offers a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the B.A. or B.S. in mathematics program define the skills, knowledge and attributes that will be needed and achieved by the graduates for a successful career and professional accomplishments three to fours years after graduation. The program will produce graduates who:

  1. Have an appropriate combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in mathematics to enter into and advance professionally in mathematics and related fields.
  2. Have a well-rounded education with a strong liberal arts foundation that encourages and supports meaningful dialogue with individuals from other disciplines.
  3. Are able to adapt to and succeed in a dynamic global environment.
  4. Can engage effectively in oral, written and graphical communications in both interpersonal and public settings.
  5. Are prepared to participate in lifelong learning opportunities.
  6. Are prepared to continue formal education and obtain advanced degrees in mathematics or related fields.

These objectives are consistent with the mission of Fairleigh Dickinson University to educate and prepare students as world citizens through global education. They also fulfill the needs of our constituencies.

The educational objectives of the B.A.and B.S. in mathematics programs are fundamentally the same except that the B.A. in mathematics program is built on a liberal arts foundation. The requirements for the two programs are different.

Students seeking the B.A. in mathematics will complete the liberal arts core requirements of University College. The mathematics requirement in the core curriculum is fulfilled by MATH1201, MATH2202Calculus I, II.* The science requirement in the core curriculum is fulfilled by PHYS2203, PHYS2204 University Physics I, II with corresponding laboratories. Prerequisites: elementary and intermediate algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry and two units of science.

Undergraduate programs offered in Mathematics:

  • B.S.Math. (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)
  • B.A.Math. (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics)
  • B.S.Math. (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with concentration in Pharmaceutical Biostatistics)
  • B.S.Math. (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with concentration in Applied Mathematics or Pure Mathematics)

Combined Five-Year Programs in Mathematics:

Certificate Programs in Mathematics:

School of Computer Science and Engineering offers a Undergraduate Certification in Pharmaceutical Biostatstics. Certificate is awarded in recognition of the successful completion of all required academic courses and laboratory work in statistics and statistical programming.

To find out more about Mathematics programs on the Metropolitan Campus contact:

Mark Farag
Associate Professor of Mathematics