faculty and new grads at Commencement 2019

Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences & Engineering

Seeking solutions

The Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences & Engineering offers professional programs that are of great value to both national and international communities. The programs emphasize professional practices and address global issues, societal problems and their potential solutions. Consistent with the mission of Fairleigh Dickinson University, students are not only educated as highly qualified professionals but also as responsible global citizens working in an ever-changing global environment. The School prepares graduates for challenging careers in high-tech industry and for admission to selective graduate schools. Innovative curricula provide students with invaluable interdisciplinary perspectives, taking advantage of the resources, faculty expertise, and synergy that exist within the School.

Degrees offered

The School offers six graduate programs, which include Master of Science degrees in

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Management Information Systems, and
  • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

Moreover, the School offers eleven undergraduate programs, which include Bachelor of Science degrees in

  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Construction Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology, and
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology;

and Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics. Various commissions of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology professionally accredit the undergraduate Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and the four Engineering Technology programs.

Student success

Students have received accolades from various student competitions, including the ASME Student Design Competition, the IEEE Student Presentation Contest, the ASCE Concrete Canoe Design Contest, the MCA Competition, and the ACM Regional Collegiate Programming Contest. Graduates of the programs have gone on to become successful and prominent leaders in academia, industry, and business. They have assumed various leadership roles such as university president, college dean, department chair, faculty, CEO, company president and vice-president, manager, entrepreneur, project supervisor, engineer, computer professional, and space explorer.

A recent winner

The Garden State Undergraduate Mathematics Conference is a biannual meeting for undergraduate students that includes the New Jersey Undergraduate Mathematics Competition, opportunities for students to present their research (posters and talks), and an afternoon plenary presentation accessible to undergraduate students.

At the April 2018 conference, Nomin Sukhbaatar, a sophomore mathematics major at FDU, presented the results of a research project she completed during the 2017-2018 academic year with her faculty advisor, Dr. Stanley Huddy. Sukhbaatar’s project developed a mathematical approach to winning the popular MTV reality show Are You The One?. Sukhbaatar won an award for an outstanding talk, which was given based on the significance of her mathematical results and the quality of her presentation.

In addition to FDU, the colleges that participated in this conference included: Montclair State University, Rutgers University, Ramapo College of New Jersey, The College of New Jersey, Georgian Court University, Felician College, Muhlenberg College, Rowan University, Rowan College at Burlington County, University of Scranton, and Borough of Manhattan Community College.


Faculty members are actively involved in research, curriculum development, program outcome assessment, outreach programs, and professional association activities. The International Journal of Management Information Systems and The International Journal of Electronic Commerce were founded and are edited by a distinguished faculty member in the School. These journals have been consistently ranked third and first in their respective fields. Faculty members pride themselves on reaching out to local communities. The School has conducted the Technical Enrichment and Outreach Program (TEOP) for 30 high school students from neighboring communities on 12 Saturdays per semester for 12 years, encouraging underrepresented minorities and financially disadvantaged students to study science and engineering.

Accreditation and Recognition

Fairleigh Dickinson Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are among a few programs that have a long accreditation standing in New Jersey. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science programs have been accredited since 1960 and 1987, respectively.

The School's programs and initiatives have received wide recognition and support from state and federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, and from industry, professional associations, and private citizens. Donors include Dr. Gregory Olsen, Allied Signal (now Honeywell), the Toyota USA Foundation, Motorola, GE Equipment Services, Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), PSE&G, BAE Systems, the Muscarelle Foundation, the Building Contractors Association, the Mechanical Contractors Association, and the John V. Machuga Foundation.

The naming of the School is made possible by Dr. Gregory Olsen with a generous gift of $5 million to FDU in honor of his two former Physics professors, Lee Gildart and Oswald Haase, and other professors at FDU. Dr. Olsen also speaks highly of his two former Electrical Engineering professors, the late William Schick and the late Ernest Wantuch. Dr. Olsen holds three degrees from FDU: B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S. and M.S. in Physics. He also earned a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Virginia. The entire University community is most grateful for his gift and generosity.