Special Academic Opportunities

As part of Fairleigh Dickinson's mission to be the leader in global education, the University strives to provide all of its students with a wide range of eclectic learning and living opportunities.

In addition to our four specialized colleges -- two distinct New Jersey campuses, FDU-Vancouver, and the Wroxton campus in Oxfordshire, England -- the University has developed a number of exclusive programs, partnerships, centers, and academic affiliations that enable students to explore the world for themselves, as well as bring the world closer to them. Flexible scheduling options, alternate class sites, online courses, study abroad opportunities, and a global virtual faculty all contribute to the complete global education experience possible only at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Real-life work experience in industry, government, education, health services, and the corporate world can be an invaluable part of the educational process, and FDU encourages students to take advantage of co-ops and internships.

Career Development Services

Co-ops and Internships are experiential learning opportunities that provide students with the chance to explore their career interests through work experience while potentially earning three credits in a general or major elective course. Contact Career Development at career@fdu.edu.

Department of Accounting

The Accounting On-Campus Recruiting Program is very successful. Usually 25-30 accounting firms participate (including the Big 4). First time students are required to participate in an accounting workshop (how to prepare a resume/behavioral interviews). Their resumes are critiqued prior to them participating. Most of the accounting firms want at least a 3.0 GPA, but some of the smaller firms or private accounting companies will accept 2.7/2.8. Students get a schedule of the firms participating and the job descriptions. Students complete a form with their resumes attached. Two weeks prior to the interview date, the resumes are forwarded to the firms the students indicated. Interviews are scheduled. Contact Mary Sakin, Director of Placement and Outreach, Silberman College of Business, at sakinm@fdu.edu.

School of Education

Clinical Teaching Internships coincide with the induction year experience, which takes place when the student secures a teaching position. Provisionally certified teachers are supervised by a specialty-area FDU coordinator who serves as a member of the support team mandated by the NJ Department of Education. At the end of the 30-week internship, interns are permanently certified upon recommendation of their school principal or superintendent.
SOE contact: Dr. Carol Karpinski, 201-692-2838, karpin@fdu.edu

United Nations Internships

The UN Internship Program was created to help foster global competencies among our students. All UN internships are voluntary (i.e. unpaid) and last one academic semester. UN interns are placed in various departments of the UN at the UN headquarters in New York City. FDU will secure four internships per academic year (up to two per semester, including summer) for students who qualify. For further information please contact 201-692-7162.

Rothman Instutute of Entrepreneurial Studies

The internship program is a matching program that connects the business and entrepreneurial community with undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship students who are seeking job opportunities. Internships can be found at regional start-ups, venture capital firms, family businesses, corporations and non-profits. To learn more about mentoring and internship opportunities, please contact the Institute at 973-443-8842.

Communication Studies

The Communication Studies major culminates in an internship in a communications-related organization where students acquire real-world experience. While on campus, students are encouraged to gain experience by working on the campus newspaper, radio station, literary magazine, and to be active in student organizations.

Film and Animation BA

Film and Animation students have the opportunity to get real world experience by taking industry internships and working in our Corporate Video Production class which has used student crews to produce professional videos for a variety of clients. Through our new Feature Filmmaking class, students work along side professionals on an independent feature film.

University Honors Program

University Honors Program scholars are encouraged to take advantage of diverse and varied experiential learning opportunities by pursuing internships available because of the University's location in the New York City/New Jersey metropolitan area. One of the world's largest metropolitan areas, the region offers unmatched cultural, political, business, and educational resources to those seeking to undertake independent research and to prepare a concluding thesis. Experiential learning is, by its very nature, interdisciplinary and provides the student with an excellent opportunity to synthesize and apply knowledge from many different fields of study.

Political Science

We encourage all of our majors to take a semester abroad at our campus in Wroxton College in Oxfordshire, England and/or one semester as an intern in national or local government. Students find the semester in Europe to be an indispensable help to their understanding of history, global influences, and political economy. The semester-long work-internship leads directly to a good grasp of the many opportunities in politics and to gainful employment. Consequently, our political science majors are well prepared for a variety of careers — and there are careers in politics to fit every interest.

International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Hospitality and Tourism major, offered on the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey; and the Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey, is designed to prepare students to assume managerial functions in service industries including organizations such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, entertainment complexes, casinos and assisted living facilities. In addition, to a broad liberal arts curriculum, business core and extensive course work in hotel and restaurant subjects, students enrolled in this major are expected to accumulate significant knowledge outside of the classroom. The Professional Development Series involves each student in such activities as: visits to major food markets, tours of ethnic neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, wine seminars, lectures by hospitality industry leaders, visits to diverse hospitality operations, internships and the European Seminar.

History BA

The School of History, Political and International Studies offers programs with a major in History. The History major is enhanced by opportunites for independent study, internships, study abroad and in Washington D.C. The School houses the Omicron Delta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, The international Honor Society for History. Students in this program can establish careers in teaching, the law, government, museum/library archivist, publishing, theology in addition to the private sector.

Special Programs

Varied occupational, cultural and intellectual pursuits play a vital role in a complete global education. Every college at FDU offers a range of unique academic opportunities, including the programs below:

  • Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) programs for both the Army and Air Force are offered at Becton College, Florham Campus. These tracks enable interested students to prepare for active duty as commissioned officers in the armed forces while gaining valuable life experience and academic credit. Many ROTC students are also eligble for additional scholarship and educational funding assistance.
  • The Becton Honors Program serves those motivated undergraduates whose goals include high levels of achievement in advanced study and professional life. Available in nearly every major offered by the College, the Honors Program focuses on self-directed scholarly inquiry, research, and indedependent thought. Honors students are also strongly encouraged to diversify their academic and cultural experience by spending a semester at FDU's Wroxton Campus, Oxfordshire, England.
  • The following New Jersey Department of Education certification programs in the Peter Sammartino School of Education are nationally accredited through Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) as of May 2008:
    • QUEST
    • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT): Elementary Education, Secondary Education, English as a Second Language
    • Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD)
    • Educational Leadership Program
    • Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant
    • Literacy/Reading Specialist
  • The MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators is the first graduate program in the nation to focus on the needs of high school teachers who teach both creative writing and literature. The program combines a 3-day weekend residency with on-line coursework.

Flextime Study

Did you know that more than half of FDU's student body are adults over the age of 25? Recognizing that time, work and personal commitments are often greater for adult learners and nontraditional students, the University is commited to serving these audiences with a variety of flexible scheduling options.

  • Formed in 1998, the Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies was introduced to better meet the needs of nontraditional students, specifically adult learners. The College offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and personal and professional development programs, with many classes scheduled during evenings and weekends. An increasing number of courses with fully or partially-online options provide even more flexible time management opportunities.
  • FDU's Community College Partnership program enables students to earn a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson while attending accelerated on-site classes at one of seven partner schools located throughout the state of New Jersey. The convenience, flexibility and affordability offered by this program is ideal for older students going "back to school," especially those with family or career responsibilities that might make long commutes or traditional full-time academic experiences impossible.
  • Executive education programs in the Silberman College of Business are uniquely structured so that qualified students can earn their Executive MBA degrees in just 21 months while still working full-time. A high level of personal support, logistical assistance, and Saturday classes at the state-of-the-art Dolce Hamilton Park Conference Center in Madison all contribute to the value of this program, the first of its kind in the greater New York/New Jersey area.

Flexplace Study

Though Fairleigh Dickinson has an unparalled commitment to extending its global reach, the University is not defined by its physical characteristics, such as campuses or groups of buildings. Rather, FDU encompasses the total intellectual interactions of our students, faculty and community, no matter where or how they take place. Toward this end FDU has embraced a number of unique learning programs that provide both students and instructors more freedom and flexibility, such as those below:

  • In 2001 Fairleigh Dickinson became the first university in the nation to require an online learning component for all its undergraduate students. This inititative capitalizes on the Internet's asynchronous modality and extraordinary power as a teaching, research and collaboration tool. The Global Challenge, an interdisciplinary Internet-based course that focuses on such global issues as the environment, conflict, population and health, is the cornerstone of the program.
  • In conjunction with Booz Allen Hamilton consultants and the National Guard, the School of Administrative Science at FDU has developed several professional certificate programs that can be taken completely online. The ability to take a structured, accredited course from work or home allows adult students to gain additional credentials in such fields as emergency management, organizational development, and human resources administration without sacrificing work and personal commitments.
  • In this unique low-residency program, students earn an MFA in Creative Writing almost entirely outside of the classroom. There are no courses in the traditional sense; rather, students work closely with published authors through distance-learning writing modules. This ongoing work is supplemented by two residencies held each year at the Florham and Wroxton campuses, where students engage in intensive workshops and readings with faculty mentors, guest speakers and fellow students.