Business Leaders of Tomorrow

Business Clubs: Metropolitan Campus


The purpose of this club is to provide our members with essential knowledge of real life business situations and to help improve our members’ marketability, networking strategies, and skills to become successful leaders for today’s and tomorrow’s global economy.

Through the use of interactive business and social events, community service, and networking, we better prepare students of Fairleigh Dickinson University to enter into the business world and to begin progressive careers as thoughtful, creative, and compassionate leaders.

We believe in the viability of a multicultural world, we see ourselves as an integral part of it, and we aim to help build it and to make it a better place.bltlogo HALF

A progressive, mission-driven club with exciting student leaders from all over the world.

Our Members

 Develop leadership skills
 Gain an understanding of global issues
 Engage in community service
 Actively pursue career development
 Bring in interesting speakers
 Hold workshops
 Go on business-related field trips

More Information

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