Core Curriculum

MBA Core Curriculum Requirements

The MBA program consists of 42 credits.  In addition to the requirements set forth by each specialization (10 of 42 credits) and the capstone course (2 of 42 credits), all students must complete the Silberman College of Business core requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree (18 of 42 credits) that includes:

Foundation Courses (12 Credits)

The Foundation includes six two-credit courses:

• ACCT 5012 Financial Accounting: End-User Applications
• DSCI 5012  Statistical Data Analysis
• ECON 5012 Economic Analysis
• FIN 5012  Principles of Finance
• MGMT 5012 Foundations of Management
• MKTG 5012  Marketing Principles

For each foundation course, the Silberman College of Business grants waiver credit. The waiver policy that governs each course is established by the department responsible for that course. Requests for waivers must be submitted and approvals received before the end of the student's first semester in the program.   For further information please visit the Waiver Credit Policy Procedures section of the MBA Advising website.

Each waiver of a foundation course reduces the number of required credits by the amount indicated.

FDU MBA Core (18 Credits)

The MBA Core consists of nine required two-credit courses. These courses cannot be waived; however, a student will be eligible to transfer a maximum of two classes provided these credits have been earned in an MBA program at another AACSB-accredited institution under the conditions listed in the "Transfer Credit" section below. The MBA Core includes:

ACCT 6012 Managerial Accounting Applications
• DSCI 6012  Operations and Supply Chain Management
• ECON 6012  Managerial Economics
• ENTR 6012  Entrepreneurship & Innovation
• FIN 6012  Corporate Finance
• LAW 6012 Society, Ethics & Legal Environ of Business
• MGMT 6012  Organizational Behavior and Leadership
• MIS 6012  Information Systems for Managers
• MKTG 6012  Strategic Marketing

Capstone (2 Credits)

All MBA students must, within the final 8 credits of coursework, complete:

• MGMT7012 Global Business Capstone 

International Student Requirement
In certain circumstances it may be necessary for students to further develop their proficiency in English in order to ensure academic success. In these cases students are required to take the English for Professional Success course EPS 5109 as well as the lab EPS 5119.  

NOTE: Although EPS is a zero credit course students may elect to apply three developmental credits (using EPS) to their first semester plus six credits of graduate coursework to complete full-time student schedule requirements.

Transfer Credit
A maximum of 6 nonwaivable credits of graduate course work required for a degree may be approved for transfer from another AACSB accredited college or university under the following conditions:

• the course work must be approved as part of the student’s program of studies;
• it must not have been applied to the completion of the requirements for another degree;
• it must have been taken at the graduate level;
• it must have been taken within the past five years; and
• the student must have received a grade of B or better.

Approval of transfer credit will be made by petition to the department chairperson. A transcript of the course work must be on file before the petition can be considered. Only grades for courses taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University or taken off-campus with authorization figure into the cumulative grade point ratio.